Lamborghini’s New V12 Supercar Shows Off A Cool Third Brake Light In A Spy Video

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The successor to the Lamborghini Aventador will debut soon. The new spy video captures the supercar covered in a sheer camouflage wrap, but also reveals the elaborate third brake light for the first time, which isn’t quite the car’s wildest design feature.

The third brake light is above the new cowling at the rear of the passenger compartment. In accordance with the shape of the roof, swoop down over the machine and follow the contour. It’s a neat styling feature that we can’t wait to see without the camouflage surrounding it. The video also captures the design of the rear of the car, showing off the new exhaust setup.

The new Lamborghini has four exhaust pipes in twin hexagonal exhaust pipes high on the rear fascia. They are nestled between the thin taillights, which appear partially camouflaged and segmented. The rear view also shows the car’s flying buttresses which likely extend over the large intakes in front of the rear wheels for a menacing look.

Although the video doesn’t capture the front of the car, the leaked patent images show the entire design, and it certainly looks to be the successor to the Aventador. The low-quality images don’t depict the car in great detail, but the sharp creases and lots of Y-patterns on the headlights and taillights are definitely Lamborghini. The automaker covered up the chunky rear diffuser on the test vehicle in video, but for the most part the design matches what’s depicted in the patent drawings.

Lamborghini hasn’t provided any specific powertrain details yet, but all signs point to it having a V12 engine with plug-in hybrid components. The powertrain should produce a batch of power as the automaker works to electrify its entire range by 2024, with a pure electric vehicle slated to arrive before the end of the decade. Lamborghini is already developing an Urus hybrid.

The new Lamborghini flagship will debut sometime in March, but it’s still unclear when it will go on sale. Production of the Aventador ended last year, so we won’t have to wait long for a new one to roll off the assembly line. Following its debut, Lamborghini will be working on finalizing a hybrid successor to the Huracan.

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