A Man on a John Deere Tractor Starts a Police Chase, and is Caught on Video

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In news from the state of North Carolina, which we should probably call “North North Florida,” a man on a John Deere tractor triggering a lengthy police chase which involves stop sticks, tire shooting, and finally a taser fight. We call this incident “Hicks Gone Wild,” for an obvious reason: the man on the tractor is named Ronnie Hicks. Oh, and here’s a stolen tractor, in case you had any doubts.

It seems Ronnie is no stranger to the local police force, based on the chase summary posted by Boone Police Department, where all this fell. The Facebook post began, “So many of you have heard, or have seen the video, that we are giving chase in a tractor. The stolen tractor was operated by someone we know very well, Mr. Ronnie Hicks.” It is up to the reader to imagine why they are familiar with this person, but the following story might provide some insight.

According to the police, our GTA (Grand Theft Agriculture) adventure begins with pilot Deere driving around town, swerving menacingly into pedestrians and crashing into things. In Boone, as in most cities, this will get the attention of local law enforcement. The police account stated that Hicks “actually crashed into several vehicles, a trash can, and a church,” adding that “We’re still trying to sort things out.” Indeed, like us!

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