EarthCruiser Teases Slide-In Camper For Electric Trucks

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EarthCruiser specializes in building high end land rigs. Now it’s expanding into the EV market by announcing a slide-in camper for electric pickup trucks.

The company has only teased the camper design so far and is still making tweaks to it. As part of the deposit program, EarthCruiser plans to work with potential customers to find out their preferences for this product. More details to come later this year. The company is taking pre-order deposits for campers now.

“There are many similarities to our current EarthCruiser habitat and one that will be required to function with an electric platform. It is critical to maximizing efficiency for the vehicle to go further. Managing the limited on-board energy capacity that can be stored, operating within an acceptable range envelope and staying safe and comfortable is the essence of land vehicles and we have been doing it for years,” said EarthCruiser Founder Lance Gillies.

If the customer does not have an electric truck, the camper will fit in the pickup with combustion. Adapting it to EVs would then require “some simple software update”, according to EarthCruiser’s announcement.

EarthCruiser is not alone in exploring the market for specialty enterprise equipment for electric vehicles. For example, Loki offers the Falcon pickup bed camper in sizes for the Rivian R1T and plans to offer a version for Tesla Cybertruck. The solution features up to 360 watts of roof-mounted solar panels, air conditioning, heating and hot water supply. Inside, there is a queen bed and a sofa that converts into a second bed.

Several companies are preparing special Cybertruck campers. Cyber ​​Lander supposed to slide into the pickup bed. The goal is for it to lay flush with the cargo area when not in use and then expand into usable space.

There are also Space Camper is under development for Cybertrucks. It will also fit in the cargo bed. An air powered actuator opens the chamber. Inside, there will be eight feet of standing room. Amenities include a kitchen and a shower.