They leave the child alone in the car, what happens next is incredible

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The local police of Buccinasco on January 16, 2023 noticed a child alone in the car crying desperately so they intervened and discovered that the little one had been left alone by his parents inside the cabin. The two were in a City office.

Child alone in the car
Child alone in the car –

The child is two years old, was immediately rescued by the police, while he was aboard a large-engined SUV parked illegally in the center of the town.

The operators suspicious of the vehicle, as soon as they got off the wheel they realized that inside the SUV there was a child crying desperately and scared to be left alone.

What happened to a young boy from Buccinasco

The police officers immediately took care of him and followed up with checks to check that he was okay they put him away. The locks of the vehicle had not been locked by the parents, so the officers managed to get on board without problems.

Later they tracked down the parents, looking for them in all the commercial activities in the area and then finding them at the registry office.

The baby cried for more than half an hour, while the father and mother, Chinese forty-year-olds who have lived in Buccinasco for several years now, have not been able to explain why they made the decision to leave him alone in the car and why neither of them stayed with him in the vehicle.

Reconstruction of the facts, that’s why the child was alone

According to the reconstruction of the facts however the parents put their son in danger. for which they were accompanied to the local police headquarters and will now have to respond to the accusation of abandonment of a minor.

According to the law, anyone who abandons minors who are under the age of fourteenindividuals who are incapacitated due to old age, disease or disability, for whom they should therefore have care and custody, risk being punished with imprisonment from six months to five years.

The law obviously does not allow excuses, motivations or ignorance, any parent who leaves a child or children unattended in the car, even if only for a few minutes, putting their safety at risk in case of danger, commits the crime of abandonment of minors, albeit temporary.

The crime, as in the case mentioned above, is aggravated if it is committed by both parents. It is up to the judge to determine the penalty, which varies according to the damage, the age of the child, the circumstances and many other factors.

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