Highway Code, 333 euro fine if you don’t have this behind the wheel: run and buy them

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The highway code is a set of rules aimed at regulating the behavior of motorists, cyclists, truck drivers or pedestrians with the aim of reducing accidents, both fatal and non-fatal.

€333 fine
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Unfortunately to know the rules of the Highway Code there are very few people, some of those who are aware of them, sometimes prefer not to respect them and go their own way in the hope of not being caught.

Others, on the other hand, are not informed at all or in any case updated and following checks by the police, they receive huge fines. That’s because the CDS, law enforcement, the law, they mean business and they admit no excuses or justifications of any kind.

Ultimately, the law is one and the same for everyone, so everyone is called to respect it, always.

Driving safety and respect for the highway code, that’s why you have to be scrupulous

Safety when driving a vehicle must always be put first, regardless of what civic sense is, accountability to themselves and to others.

Consequently, the rules of the Highway Code, which must be complied with, must be taken seriously, even if at first glance they may seem trivial. One of these standards it has to do with driving with eyeglasses.

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What to do if driving with glasses is indicated on the license

If the glasses were to be mandatory and therefore inserted and specified in the driving licence, the holder absolutely cannot drive some vehicles without wearing them, with the possibility of choosing to use contact lenses as well.

If, following a check by the police, it is found that you have not used lenses or glasses, you risk getting very important and high fines.

The fine that involves failure to comply with article 173 of the highway code ranges from 80 euros to 333 euros with the risk of also losing the points on the driving license from a minimum of 5 up to an undefined maximum because varies according to the seriousness and quantity of the infringements committed.

If you drive without glasses or lenses and you go to cause an accident, for example, even more important complications are created that even lead to criminal penalties, so they become very serious.

If the obligation to drive with the eyes, stated on the driving licence, should go back to a need many years ago and in the meantime the visual defect should have been eliminated, what is the best way to behave in order not to make mistakes?

In this case, you don’t have to do it yourself but request the verification of the new conditions by a doctor, who can modify the wording of the document following an eye examination when it is renewed.