What’s under the armrest of the car? You have no idea what is hidden

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The armrest of the car is very useful for the driver to rest his arm while driving: but its functions are truly multiple

What's under the armrest of the car?
What’s under the armrest of the car?-Motori.news

All latest generation cars are equipped with the practical armrest to the right of the driver, and placed in the middle between his seat and that of the passenger, to allow the latter to rest his arm while driving.

An accessory so appreciated that it is now possible buy separately on online sites or in specialized shops: it mounts in no time and you can really put it in any car. Naturally, the function of the armrest is not only to allow you to drive more comfortably, for example on the motorway or in those situations in which you know that you can rest your arm for a moment, but it hides, it must be said, other very useful.

What is the armrest in the car really for – its most useful functions

If you have an armrest in your car, you have certainly noticed: it can indeed be pushed forward or backward in order to give you the most comfortable position for you or to free up space if you need it. Especially if your car is a little full for a trip, moving it forward can help you recover space behind and, conversely, it can also give you space on the dashboard for any reason.

The armrest of the car
The armrest of the car – Motori.news

But the most important function is perhaps the most obvious: the possibility to open it. That’s right, by lifting it up you’ll be able to uncover one “secret” compartment where to insert all the objects you prefer. Some put coins in it, others house keys, still others add additional objects that can be useful while driving, such as a pack of tissues.

It doesn’t end there, but that really depends on the car model: some armrests are even equipped with double bottom. That’s right, once you open it you will notice that the first container can be extracted giving you the possibility to access a second containerthis time “anchored” to the car structure, much deeper and more spacious.

A little secret that allows you to hide more valuable items when you can’t take them with you for any reason or which in any case gives you the opportunity to put in even more things than you expected.

In short, the armrest of the car is already useful in itself to allow us to rest our arm while driving and to give the car a touch of elegance which once belonged only to higher category cars and especially to more expensive SUVs.

Leather car armrest
Leather car armrest – Motori.news

Now it is found in practically all cars: the only ones truly excluded are perhaps still small cars, but you can easily remedy this on the internet and in specialized shops. Car armrests sell like a charm and are compatible with almost all models: just find the one that’s right for you to give your car that extra “touch” you didn’t expect to have.

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