Snow chains are no longer mandatory: put these on, you pay them ZERO

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We all know that in winter in some specific areas it is necessary to fit snow chains approved by the ministry to the car, in order not to run the risk of losing control of the vehicle due to slippery surfaces, snow or ice.

Snow chains

From 15 October to 15 April of the following year, motorists must fit winter tires on their vehicles or get snow chains to be kept in the trunk and mounted if necessary.

The measure is so effective, especially in some Italian regions located near the mountains and is aimed at preserving the safety of all motorists to prevent accidents caused by snow, which occur daily on all roads, both on urban and extra-urban roads, but especially on the highways.

Each Italian region has the possibility of adopting specific measures, for example in Valle D’Aosta where the obligation begins every year on 15 October.

Here’s what can be done in all Italian regions starting now

In all regions now you have the possibility to use a new alternative tool to tires and/or snow chains. We are talking about approved snow socks, in compliance with the UNI EN 1666.2-1:2020 standard.

All devices that have this type of approval they can be used as a substitute for winter tires or snow tires without being afraid of being caught by the police and receiving hefty fines.

Snow socks as opposed to chains they can be installed in seconds even in emergency situations, without complications of any kind and without having any experience in the matter.


How snow socks work: are they as reliable as snow chains? Here is the answer

Snow socks adhere to rubber in no time but they do not guarantee the same performance than any winter tire or other devices, because they grip the ground a little less, so they are not the best in terms of performance and quality.

However, it is allowed to keep them in the car e use them in emergencies for example in the event of a sudden snowfall and you do not have the appropriate chains or tyres.

Whatever is mounted on the tyres, whether it be chains or snow socks, please note that by law the maximum speed limit to be maintained is 50 km per hour.

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