€300 fine if you circulate on these roads, you can’t do it anymore: you’ll get the sting

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A €300 fine, this is the penalty inflicted on those who do not comply with a particular rule of the Highway Code, which is always ready to guarantee correct and safe circulation for all, both those traveling on motor vehicles and pedestrians.

Fine of three hundred euros – Motori.News

If we all followed the laws dictated by the highway code they probably wouldn’t exist no more accidents, either trivial or serious.

But unfortunately few motorists have a civic sense, drivers, motorcyclists, etc., so there are those who occupy the streets as they shouldn’t, those who don’t respect road signs, those who park along the no-parking zone and so on.

What is the lane reserved for some special vehicles

For example, many users occupy roads for exclusive use, therefore reserved only for certain categories of vehicles, i.e. vehicles that are used by police forces, from rescue and so on, despite this being incorrect and illegal.

The lanes are not all the same as we are led to think, there are those that can use all means and then there are the preferential lanes which are dedicated to some particular vehicles.

It may seem to be a minor detail but it is not at all because if you get caught while driving in inappropriate lanesconfidential, you also receive high fines.

The highway code punishes all those who do not respect the laws, whether they have to do with the preferential lanes or with anything else. The same is true for the hard shoulder present on the motorway reserved for vehicles of the police or emergency services.


What happens if you don’t comply with this rule of the CDS

Both the hard shoulder and the preferential lane must always remain free. The bus lane is quite easy to recognize because it is marked with the word bus.

If you take the fast lane without being entitled to it, you run the risk of a €300 fine. There are no exceptions or excuses, if all this happens under the eyes of the police, they will fine the person responsible instantly.

If, out of habit, motorists had to take the preferential lane at any time of the day, to bypass the queues and speed up the times, we pass installation of video surveillance cameras to consult whenever there is a need.

Through this it is possible to fine the person who has committed the infringement because it is possible, through the license plate, to trace the owner of the vehicle and punish him.