Car plate, find out immediately who the owner is and where he lives: 1 click is enough

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The car’s license plate is the source of a lot of interesting information, including the identity of the owner. How to check

Machine owner
Car owner – Motori.News

All cars have one installed plate which contains an alphanumeric code with which to trace all the important information relating to the vehicle: the identity of the owner, the model of the car, insurance coverage, expiry of the road tax and so on.

In this case we will explain how you can take advantage of this detail to find out exactly the name of the person to whom the machine is registered. Something that can prove useful in various cases: for example for the management of a road accident, especially when the opposing party does not appear to be as conciliatory as we would like.

Find out the car owner’s name only from the license plate

Discovering the personal data of a car owner is easy in theory, but in practice you have to come up against what are still the privacy laws. That’s why, to know this information, you need to ask for a company profile PRA, the Public Automobile Register. You can do it at an ACI office or online via the institution’s website.

Italian car registration
Italian car plate –

The expense necessary to obtain this information which, in the case of online acquisition, will arrive directly via email in PDF format, is about 9 euros.

You will need this data especially if you are buying a used car and you want to make sure that the alleged seller is not lying about some detail or, indeed, for resolve a traffic accident dispute. Here, in the latter case, you’d do well to remember other details, such as the color of the car, its model and any special details.

Also because at the time of the event it is possible that he was driving the car someone other than the owner and the risk of making a gaffe is therefore very high.

To obtain this additional information, you can always use the license plate number. Here too you have to travel to one branch of the ACI, pay a sum close to 6 euros and request an inspection of the vehicle in question. You can also do the same thing through the official website, even if it will cost you around 2.31 euros more.

Collection of plates of all kinds
Collection of plates of all kinds –

Finally there is an alternative called Sevim. We are talking about a web portal that provides you with all the technical information of the car for which you have provided the registration details. You will find details such as the engine capacity and Euro class, the weight, the seats of the car and many other very interesting data.

In short, as you see track down the car owner or other information about your vehicle through the license plate is very easy: paying, as we know, you can get almost everything. Of course, remember to make good use of the information you obtain and to request it only if strictly necessary for reasonable reasons.

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