Telepass, what to do if the barrier does not go up? The mistake everyone makes

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Those who have an active Telepass subscription and who therefore pay a specific amount each year to enjoy the service, demand that everything works as smoothly as possible every time they arrive at the tollbooth.

Telepass bar
Telepass bar – Motori.News

Which is more than correct. Yet often the service of the Autostrade Italiane company does not give its best, disappointing with major disservices which cause quite a few problems such as delays etc.

Telepass is a company born in the 80s, aimed at solving critical issues that have always been part of our lives, that is, the queues even on the motorway due to which you arrive late for work and beyond.

Telepass service, advantages and disadvantages

The Telepass service immediately met with great success because this automated form of payment is done very quickly. It works through a subscription, once active, the vehicle is equipped with a device that causes the toll booth barrier get up without having to pay each time by initiating automatic debits on the connected card.

In a nutshell, the device puts the toll booth and the vehicle in communication, then after the passage, the owner of the Telepass pass pays directly through the account.

What to do when something doesn’t go as planned at the toll booth

Everything perfect, if it always worked like this and if everything always went smoothly as oil. Unfortunately it can happen sometimes, due to disservices and malfunctions that the toll gate does not rise as it should.

The first thing to do is to avoid panic and anxiety, perhaps in the grip of confusion and thinking about reversing or changing lanes which can be really dangerous.

The highway code fines those who do this gesture for over €1000 with the deduction of several points from the licence. The only thing to do is notify the toll booth attendant by means of a communication sent by pressing a flashy red button present in the motorway columns and wait for someone to come to help.

If the problem occurs several times in the course of a few days, or after a few weeks, it is advisable to go to one of the Blue Points closest to your city to try to understand what the problem might be and carry out the correct checks on your device.

In fact, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t work must necessarily be the toll booth or the bar could also be a malfunction of the device mounted in the machine that needs revision and checks.

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