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Since 2022 started, petrol has an exaggeratedly high cost that not all Italian families can afford to pay from week to week, from month to month.

Petrol for €1.45
Petrol at €

Going to the petrol station has become everyone’s real nightmare, why do it filling up means spending from 50 to €100 in just a few seconds.

This is because both petrol and diesel are again close to two euros per litre, so we are about to repeat ourselves the same situation we experienced last year.

Gasoline over 2 euros per litre, situation out of control

In the period from June to September, the €2 per liter was exceeded for any type of fuel, which then forced the government to cut excise duties to try to contain the emergency.

Many have proposed the same solution to be implemented in recent weeks, the response of the Meloni government has been clear: at least for the moment the hypothesis cannot be taken into consideration, it will be necessary to arrive in March and then evaluate what to do.

There are many motorists who, in order to save money, choose not to use the car to move from one part of the city to another or from one city to another, relying on public transport, despite being aware of the fact that they do not always respect the routes or the timetables.

Then there were other users who instead went in search of valid illegal tricks, to steal petrol by illegally saving and risking. But why do it if there is a place where Is it possible to get petrol for just €1.45 per litre?

Where to refuel at a good price

Lots of people over the last few weeks they went to San Marino and they formed long queues at the refueling points because the price of fuel there, both diesel and petrol, is much more than in Italy.

At least for now, the average price ranges from 1.45 to 1,550 euros. But be careful because it is a temporary situation: soon the government will go to adjust to prices around the world with the recalculation of excise duties and all the rest.

Despite this, a difference will remain, albeit minimal between Italy and San Marino so refueling there will continue to be convenient. Obviously starting from any Italian region could cost much more than normal, so it is better to do some calculations first.

At the moment Italy is one of the countries of the European Union where filling up has the highest cost, while in 2022 it was among the cheapest ever.

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