Car falls off the cliff, what happens next will leave you speechless: absurd

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High speeds and driver inattention are often the cause of some accidents which can have very serious consequences. In the last few hours there has been a road accident with a car that ended its run in a ditch. But what happened to the driver and passengers in the crashed car? Let’s find out all the details on this story that he left speechless.

Car falls into cliff
Car falls into cliff

When you start driving a vehicle – even more so if there are other people on board – paying close attention to every detail is essential. Nothing should ever be underestimated, from moderating speed within certain limits to opting not to get behind the wheel in certain conditions.

You cannot drive, for example, after drinking a few too many glasses. But even driving in a state of real fatigue could cost you, the passengers in your car and various other road users passing by at that particular moment.

Guaranteeing road safety as much as possible, therefore, is a basic condition for avoiding problems of any kind. Unfortunately, there are still too many accidents on Italian roads today. A real plague that can ruin the lives of many people.

In some cases, however, road accidents can be completely random, such as a tire bursting or an animal crossing in front of us. The general rule, however, is to prevent any problems, paying maximum attention to driving at all times.

But what happened in the last few hours? Let’s find out every detail about a road accident that saw a car end its run in a cliff. Here’s everything you need to know about this story and the conditions of the people involved in the accident.

Car overturns and falls into a ditch. Here’s what happened moments later

The road accident in question took place during the night between Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January, precisely at dawn. It was, in fact, 5 in the morning when a car ended its run by overturning and ending up in a cliff. The place where the accident occurred is Grumello del Monte, municipality in the province of Bergamo. The overturning occurred on a secondary road near the A4 motorway. But what exactly happened? What consequences did the people on board the vehicle have?

Rollover road accident
The car involved in the accident – ​​Motori.News (Source: Eco di Bergamo)

After spending Saturday night together in a disco near the place where the accident took place, four boys were involved in this upset. Fortunately their conditions are good. For them, therefore, only a great scare. It’s about a 23-year-old girl and three 25-year-old boys, one of whom drove the vehicle, a Volkswagen T-Roc.

The cause of the overturning is still uncertain. The car skidded – perhaps due to driver inattention – and ended up in a ditch. The car overturned and was suspended over a pond. Fortuitous coincidences, therefore, have avoided a drama.

But what leaves you speechless also refers to the way in which the four young people were brought to safety. Indeed, some people passing by at that point helped the young people to go back up from the cliff all holding hands, forming a real human chain.

None of the young people involved in the overturning required emergency transport to the hospital. They were, therefore, miraculously unharmed. The ambulance arrived at the scene. Rescuers confirmed that the boys were in good health.

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