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The cost of petrol has returned to very high levels in these first weeks of 2023. Filling up, therefore, represents something increasingly expensive for millions of Italian motorists. As if the price increases weren’t enough, the news coming from various parts of Italy refers to a new plan devised by thieves to steal petrol from your car. Some criminals, in fact, use a particular method to steal fuel from unfortunate motorists. Let’s discover this technique.

Gasoline thieves
Gasoline thieves-Motori.news

The topic concerning i fuel surcharges it has held court for several months in our country. Since the outbreak of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, in fact, there have been increases in all sectors, including that relating to the cost per liter of petrol and diesel. A blow to millions of Italians, increasingly in difficulty with everyday expenses.

The stop cutting excise duties starting from January 1, then, it caused a rise in prices compared to the last months of 2022. Some bonuses and concessions, such as the 200 euro incentive for private sector employees, have given many Italian families more breathing space under this appearance.

To delay refuelling, you need to moderate your speed and avoid jerky driving, with sudden braking and acceleration. We also recommend refueling in self-service mode. Small tricks that can really make a difference in terms of savings at the end of the month.

As if the expensive fuel weren’t enough, however, various worrying news comes from all over Italy regarding the action of some petrol thieves towards some unfortunate motorists with parked cars. How do criminals act? Here is the “hole” technique used with increasing frequency. Let’s find out the details about it.

The “hole” trick used by criminals to steal fuel from your car’s tank

Thieves threaten the serenity of honest citizens in every area. The new frontier of thefts refers to fuel, an element – as we have just said – that is increasingly expensive and precious. The criminals act at night and away from prying eyes, through the “hole” technique in the tank. What is it about? Let’s go find out this criminal plan.

Hole in the tank
The technique of “hole” in the tank used by criminals to steal gasoline. Here are the details – Motori.News

The news referring to this new technique used by criminals comes from a bit every area of ​​Italy, testifying to how much it has, unfortunately, become commonly used by thieves.

The criminals use a drill, nails and a very large container to steal as much petrol as possible from the tanks of parked cars. For those who should be the victim of these actions by thieves, there is also insult to injury. In fact, the theft of the petrol is the least important aspect of the story. The hole in the tank, on the other hand, is serious damage. The only solution is to go to the workshop and fix it replacement of the tank at your own expense.

The latest news in reference to this theft of petrol through the technique of permanent damage to the tank comes from Piedmont and, precisely, from San Mauto Turin. A few nights ago one or more criminals acted at night for stealing fuel from the tanks of some cars parked under the owners’ home.

Petrol thieves
Gasoline thieves – Motori.News

In the morning, there was a bitter surprise for the unfortunates. Dry car and tank damage. Residents also noted the presence of a strong smell of petrol in the offending neighborhood. The consequence of this was the fall of excess fuel from the various punctured tanks. The local firefighters have taken steps to restore safety to the street.

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