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The car tax is a property tax on your vehicle. Any motorist is required to comply with the rules in force on the payment of this tax on an annual basis. The tax is regional in nature and refers to any motorized vehicle registered in Italy. As with all things, there are differences between models and engines with respect to rebates and, in some cases, exemptions. Who can no longer pay this “annoying” tax? Here are all the details about it.

Car tax
Car tax – Motors.News

The property tax on your motorized vehicle is the car tax. There are many who want the reduction or even the elimination of this tax, judged to be “annoying” by many people. The rules of our country, however, require anyone who owns a car to pay this tax annually. But is it really so?

The amount to be paid will be regional character and weighs on every car and motorcycle registered in Italy. It is also not fixed, but varies according to the individual vehicle model you own of the person. To a major power, for example, it will correspond to a greater sum to be paid than for less performing cars.

Other factors that affect the car tax are the region of residence, polluting emissions and year of registration of the car. The stamp duty must be paid no later than the end of the month of registration of the car.

But do you know that in some cases you won’t be able to pay even one euro of road tax for your car? Let’s find out which cars will be exempt from payment of this property tax. You won’t believe your eyes.

Car tax, let’s find out who will be able to afford the luxury of not paying for it

Disabled people and their companions will be exempt from paying the car tax. The same thing goes for cars that are over 30 years old.

Car tax
Car tax – Motors.News

The property tax on your motorized vehicle is the car tax. There are many who want it

To these categories, another one has recently been added. And the news will certainly make many motorists happy. Indeed, if you own one of these cars, then you will no longer have to pay one euro for car tax. Which machines are we referring to? Here are all the details.

Electric cars stamp
Discounts on car tax for electric cars: here are all the details – Motori.News

We refer to electric cars new generation. Each Italian region differentiates its own rules on these cars and on this tax. However, it must be said that the general rule wants the exemption from paying the car tax for the first five years of the car’s life. Depending on your region of residence, then, things change.

In some areas of Italy, for example, the discount on car tax will be 75% after the initial exemption period. In other regions, such as Lombardy and Piedmont, the exemption from paying the car tax on electric cars is valid forever. These discounts on electric cars are designed to favor a gradual transition from traditional internal combustion engine cars to those with zero emissions.

To take advantage of this exemption, it is essential that the car purchased is actually approved as 100% electric. This characteristic must be noted on the car registration document, so as not to create confusion for the agents during a possible roadside check.

Even hybrid cars have much more discounts and concessions on road tax than normal cars with an internal combustion engine. These discounts also vary according to the individual driver’s region of residence. In most cases, the car tax for hybrid cars will not be paid for the first fixed period and for two or three years after registration.