Swarm of bees chases a car for days: the reason is incredible

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A swarm of bees has targeted a car chasing it for days, the reason is absurd and unbelievable.

Swarm of bees
Swarm of bees – Motors.news

The queen bee is precious to her bees, we all know this. The queen bee is the only individual that the worker bees must always defend at any cost, because she guarantees the survival of the entire colony as she is the only fertile specimen.

The following story demonstrates just how much the life of the queen bee is important and how much her worker bees respect her and give her care and attention.

Bees chase a car for days, the story is absurd

The victim of this story is an elderly lady, Carol Howart, who while aboard her Mitsubishi in Wales, stopped to do some shopping, on returning to the car she was speechless because he found a veritable carpet of bees on the car.

Not knowing what to do, he asked for help from those nearby to get rid of the bees without killing them, knowing their importance. The only person who managed to intervene was a man Tom Moses calling some local beekeepers able to free the car while saving the bees at the same time, thus not harming them.

A similar scene had never been seen all over the world, so much so that it shocked even the beekeepers who no longer had the idea of ​​how to behave because the bees, despite everything, continued to stick to the medium.


How did he fix the problem

So Carol, after hours of waiting, decided to start the car and then move aboard it trying to unblock the situation. Unfortunately, however, a few days later she realized that the bees had resumed the aiming device and had glued themselves to it without any intention of giving up.

At this point he called the beekeepers to make a second attempt. The strange thing is that unlike what one can think that car had nothing special. The Queen bee that the worker bees had been trying to free for days was simply trapped inside the vehicle.

Slowly they moved together with their Queen bee thanks to the intervention of the beekeepers and so the woman was able to get rid of the swarm and get back into possession of the machine which would otherwise he could have said goodbye so as not to risk his person.

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