Car, it is forbidden to stop the car with the double arrows at this point: fine guaranteed

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Compliance with the Highway Code is essential to ensure safety for everyone. It cannot therefore be precluded from compliance with all road rules. Every infraction committed has administrative consequences. Anyone who should be caught out, with reference to any infringement committed, risks having to pay more or less salty fines, depending on the case. But when is it forbidden to approach the road with double arrows? Here’s everything you need to know to avoid making a mistake.

Car pulled over with the four arrows
Car pulled over with the four arrows – Motori.News

Every time you get behind the wheel you are obliged to fully comply with the Highway Code. In fact, the rules must always be followed, so as to never be a danger to yourself and to others. Some examples of rules to follow are those relating to traffic lights, priorities, compliance with speed limits and many other things.

But the Highway Code is very vast and also refers to many other aspects underestimated by many. For example, anyone who should become the protagonist of throwing a piece of rubbish out of a window risks a very heavy fine.

All traffic violations – it is good to know – they are punished. Based on the seriousness of the act committed, all motorists caught in the act are obliged to pay an administrative fine. In the most serious cases, moreover, you can also go to the criminal.

In this article we will see the correct use of double arrows (or four arrows) and when they can never be used. They are to be activated – through the special button located in the car – only in certain emergencies. For example, in the event of an accident, technical breakdown, sudden slowdown on the motorway or when stopping at the side of the road in a sudden emergency.

But when can they never be used? Here are all the details about a specific topic. The risk is to suffer a very severe fine.

Double arrows
Double Arrows – Motors.News

Heavy fine if you commit this traffic offence. Here’s everything you need to know about it

We have just mentioned the permitted uses of double arrows. Therefore, they should only be activated in certain emergency situations. For example, it is not allowed to block the car on the road with these arrows and go to the bar for a coffee. Unfortunately, many think they are alone in the street and believe they can make any move. But when are you likely to face a hefty fine if you commit a particular infraction? Here are all the details.

Sleep in the car
Is sleeping in the car allowed? Here’s everything you need to know about this topic – Motori.News

It may have happened to many, at least once in their life, of sleep in the car. For example, during a long journey or during a low cost holiday. In the most serious cases it can also happen that some people in difficulty are forced to sleep inside their car for a certain period of their lives.

The Highway Code absolutely does not prohibit sleeping in the car. As obvious as it is, however, this action must be done in full compliance with the rules and urban decorum. In fact, it will be possible to take advantage of some specific areas reserved for rest, such as designated rest areas or other safe areas.

Therefore, it is not possible to operate the double arrows and stop on the side of the road to sleep. Only by going to restricted areas, therefore, will it be possible to carry out this action. If you stop when no parking is permitted, on a bend, in an emergency lane or in other unsafe places, you risk being injured heavy fines.

Furthermore, if you were ‘caught’ drunk sleeping in the car, you can go to the penalty with arrest up to 6 months. In fact, you would also be accused of driving while intoxicated.