Widebody Mid-Engine 1967 Mustang Made From Wrecked Movie Cars

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No Mustangs were at a disadvantage to making this mid-engined creation. However, a damaged movie car donated its frame to a building featuring stock Mustang parts. That’s how Chris Steinbacher of channel B for YouTube Build began before ending with this one-of-a-kind creation shown at Holley’s booth during SEMA 2022.

Broken movie car built for 2014 Need for speed film as a replica of the Bugatti Veyron. If you’ve seen the movie, it’s the black and orange car that the police crash into in the final race. Since no one wanted to destroy a real Bugatti, they built a fiberglass replica and destroyed it.

Even though the fiberglass body was crushed and some other parts damaged, Steinbacher picked it up for $15,500. He had the idea to turn it into a mid-engine version of the 1967 Mustang. Then he came up with Digital rendering of BOSS 302 Karan Adivi and decided to use those pictures as inspiration.

Obviously, the Mustang was never meant to be a mid-engined car, but somehow, the fastback design nailed it. Judging by the video, it’s not so easy to do it. The original car’s frame was extensively modified to match the original body panels of the 1967 Mustang. Original parts included side panels, roof panels, quarter panels, front bezel, and dashboard panels. The Steinbacher also integrates a mix of Ford and Shelby parts, including mirrors, hood, trunk lid, taillight assembly and rear vents, and a Le Mans-style gas cap.

The final tab for everything, including the original donor car, is $44,000. Mustang fans will note that the headlights are from a 1970 Mustang, the only non-1967 part. Instead of Ford power, the car uses a Chevrolet LS V8 crate motor with a nitrous system. The car was ready for SEMA in November, where it got a lot of attention on Holley’s screen. It was one of the craziest builds shown at the show, which also included a Mazda RX-7 V12 and a Subaru-powered Porsche 911.

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