1,140 euros fine and minus two points if you do this, you fall for it every time: your business

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Fine of 1,140 euros with a reduction of two points from the driving licence, if a very specific offense is committed while driving your vehicle, especially on the motorway.

€1140 fine and minus 2 points
€1140 fine and minus 2 points – Motori.news

Motorists especially in recent months due to the crisis, are trying to get around the law in any way to save money, thinking they will succeed, without considering the fact that it could be easier to pay the due rather than commit an infraction and risk double.

Anyone who thinks this way would do better to change their mind quickly, because the sanctions, and therefore the highway code, will spare no one. especially in the next period given that the penal and administrative sanctions will be increasingly serious and impactful.

The scams that users implement, which can have serious consequences

On the subway, many try to jump the turnstile, in order not to pay for the ticket which has a minimum cost of one or two euros. The same thing happens when you are on the motorway and you do everything possible not to pay the toll at the toll booth.

The method that many have found, studied and put into practice is to queue up in a car that has already paid to pass together while the Telepass bar is raised. This is a fairly risky method, which could allow you to bypass the toll booth and not pay the requested fee. but that once caught, it costs really dear.

Among other things, it can also happen that the car in front suddenly stalls in order not to allow the passage, going to damage the car or that the barrier lowers quickly.


What you risk if you try to cheat by passing through the toll booth without paying

In the last period it has been discovered that employees who possess the Viacard card, through this they are able to escape without too many problems or inconveniences. So they insert the card and pass as soon as the barrier rises. The problem is that they don’t load the money and therefore they don’t pay.

This technique has caused thousands of euros in damage to Autostrade per l’Italia and Telepass. However, it must be known that anyone who does not pay the toll within 15 days is forced to pay a fine ranging from €85 to €338.

On the other hand, those who try to cheat by passing through the toll booth without paying, for example by following the car in front that has just paid its fare, risk from six months to three months to three years of imprisonment with a fine ranging from 51 to 1140 euros.

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