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Criminals are devising new methods every day to steal cars on the roadside in an ever safer and faster way. Being aware of some plans devised by car thieves, therefore, is essential to try to make life more difficult for them during the theft attempt. Today we are talking about a new method devised by some gangs of criminals in our country. Some of them, in fact, use a normal coin to carry out the theft. How do they act? What to watch out for? Here are all the details.

Coin Trick
Coin Trick –

Compared to those of the past, modern cars are much more complicated for criminals to steal. The development of new technologies and increasingly secure burglar alarms, in fact, makes life more complicated for criminals. However, very often they manage to keep up with the times and also develop means of eluding certain difficulties in carrying out their criminal acts.

For example, modern cars are equipped with keys with the Keyless Go system. Thieves have developed some signal amplifiers, capable of sending the latter even with the key several meters away from the car.

But criminals do not always use cutting-edge systems and sophisticated technologies. Unfortunately, the old methods of car theft are still very much in vogue. An apparently trivial solution, but actually very profitable for criminals, refers to theuse of a simple coin for the theft of the car.

How do thieves open your car using a common coin? There is one aspect that you must never underestimate. Let’s find out what you need to be careful of and how to defend yourself from theft. Here are all the details on this topic.

The coin trick used by thieves: here’s what you need to know to better defend yourself

Car thieves operate mainly in places away from cameras and in peripheral areas. Giving as little attention as possible, therefore, is the basis of their criminal plans to steal the cars from the unfortunate owners. The use of the coin trick it is a very practical solution used by thieves. In fact, this plan is easy to implement and requires very little risk for the criminals.

Coin Trick
The coin trick used by criminals to steal cars – Motori.News

Now we will explain to you how thieves steal cars using a simple coin. You will therefore be properly prepared on the details that you must never underestimate when entering your car. Here’s everything you need to know about this plan used by the criminals.

Some thieves have seen fit to insert a normal coin in common use inside the door handle. Many of us may not notice the presence of this element and think that we have safely closed the car when we get out of the car. Actually, the purpose of the coin is to block the door handle, so as not to ensure that it clicks closed.

Thieves can place the coin in any door of your car. So when you park it is advisable to always check that your car is actually locked. If it does not close, therefore, it is possible that there is a coin stuck in a handle. You must always pay attention to this detail.

In case of little attention, in fact, the machine will remain open and the thieves will be able to enter inside it and to steal it from you in a completely simple way. They will follow you in your movements and will act undisturbed when you leave.

Car thieves
Car thief in action – Motori.News

A very simple heist to carry out for the bad guys. There are already many similar cases reported in our country. So always be very careful whether there is a coin in an unusual place in your car.

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