Trap speed cameras, 400 fines in three days: it’s a stone’s throw from you

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A new speed camera has been installed along a ring road that many may have right near their home, ready to catch any infraction, from the most trivial to the most important, causing fines and withdrawal of driving licenses.

Speed ​​camera trap
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This is precisely what the new speed camera is doing: putting the majority of the licenses of many motorists at risk do not respect the rules of the highway code and therefore the speed limits imposed despite knowing them.

The proof lies in the fact that in just three days from 9 to 11 January 2023, through the new speed camera located along the Turin – Aosta ring road and the Ivrea Santhià link road, 374 offenses caused by high speed were raised.

30 of these resulted in license suspension because the drivers were traveling at speeds over 160 km/h.

Here are the new speed limits imposed

The new speed limits range from 90 to 110 kilometers per hour but apparently no one respects them. The decision regarding the reduction of speed limits was taken by Ativa due to too many accidents that occurred last year. Unfortunately there was nothing else to do but this.

Following a communication from the Ministry of the Interior, the decision was made in recent days to start reducing the speed limit on the A5, where previously you could travel up to a maximum of 130 km per hour. Now instead up to a maximum of 110 or even 90 on the Albiano junction and in the Viverone service areas.

Along the rest of the section you can travel at 110 km per hour without risking penalties or anything else, always remaining careful and responsible. On the ring road the reduction reached 90 kilometers per hour for the stretch of Bruere and the junction towards state road 24 north.

Speed ​​Cameras
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Breaking the rules means getting hefty fines, that’s how much

The new rules are announced by illuminated signs and signs, which no one takes into consideration. Obviously all motorists traveling at speeds higher than that indicated by the signs receive high fines ranging from €42 to €2000 if the violation goes from 40 to 60 km/h over the limits.

What all drivers should do from now on is to be careful to press the accelerator right. According to users, the limits have been lowered and the speed camera has been placed right along the ring road to raise cash.

In reality, the reduced controls and limits have only arrived to give everyone the opportunity to travel safely by any means.

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