Petrol strike, €6,000 fine if you do this: hurry up and fill up

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The petrol station strike which will take place on 25 and 26 January 2023 has been announced and confirmed. The year starts in the worst possible way, between increases and strikes, nothing worse could be expected.

Petrol strike
Petrol station strike –

Strike it will affect all service stations that can be found on roads and highways throughout Italy.

The associations of the managers of 22,500 plants have decided to strike because it is not possible to continue working with exasperating and exasperated prices that put the lives of all Italian families at risk and especially of middle Italian that can no longer make it to the end of the month.

Fine of 6,000 euros if petrol stations do not comply with the new rules

Unfortunately, however, another sting arrives straight on the heads of the petrol station attendants who from now on will be forced to pay a fine of up to €6000 if they do not indicate the price of fuel through a clearly visible sign. In the event of a recurrence, it will also be possible suspension of activity for up to three months.

The managers of the petrol pumps don’t agree and consider the latest government decision unacceptable, because with this rule it is as if they wanted to pass off that the culprits of the price increases are the petrol stations and not the government itself which does nothing to change things.

Fuel decree, this is what makes petrol stations across Italy angry

The day after the publication of the fuel decree in the Official Gazette and less than 48 hours after the meeting with the government, the strike becomes a certainty, indeed the only hope not only for gas station attendants but also for consumers.

Starting Monday morning, the €22,500 plant associations will meet to vote Yes to the protest that had already been proclaimed a few weeks ago. We must continue in this way given that the new Decree has not touched the points that all the gas station attendants hoped for.

The black period that the Italians are facing could be the cause of the definitive closure of many plants which find themselves forced to pay many debts in a particularly difficult period made even more difficult by the Government which should be on the side of the weak.

The new, according to Bruno Bearzi of Figis, singles out the service station managers as responsible for the cost increase. Within 30 days it will be necessary to adapt to the new rules established by the government, which is already absurd in itself.

In the meantime, the Government, according to Bearzi, is betting on speculation and is not thinking at all about cutting excise duties, but aims to blame and penalize those who have already been suffering for several months and do not get state aid. We’ll see what the category manages to achieve with the strike at the end of January.

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