€2000 fine and 10 points off if you stop in this place: the mistake many make

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If you don’t want to get a €2000 fine and risk losing 10 points on your licence, you have to pay attention to how you behave while you’re in the car and stop in particular at some points on the road.

€2000 fine and 10 points less
€2000 fine and 10 points less – Motori.news

The highway code regulates the behavior of motorists on any Italian road and motorway in such a way as to make circulation fluid and free from risks and problems of any kind.

Unfortunately, since the rules are constantly updated, not all motorists are as informed as they should be, so they often make mistakes simply out of misinformation or ignorance which however have very important and burdensome consequences.

The law does not admit excuses or explanations, so if you commit infringements you pay and that’s it.

Vehicles allowed on the motorway and why

In particular, we cannot fail to mention the motorway network, where access is limited to some specific vehicles and not allowed to everyone because, as we know, they are fast-flowing roads which can become a death trap for vehicles.

The only means that can access the highway they are the ones who can maintain a sustained speed. Everyone else has absolutely no right. Instead, as far as the emergency lanes are concerned, no vehicle can use them except in certain emergency and need conditions.


What emergency lanes are and what you risk if they are occupied without having the right to do so

The emergency lanes found along the stretches of the main extra-urban roads are dedicated exclusively to certain vehicles, i.e. emergency, law enforcement or medical vehicles, for this reason they must never be used.

They represent useful points only when an emergency occurs which can be an accident or anything else that requires immediate assistance by the police or by those responsible.

Consequently, if the vehicle should stop right along the emergency lane, obviously nothing can be done except wait for help, which must in any case be alerted quickly because a private vehicle you cannot be kept still in the emergency lane for more than three hours.

If the indicated time is exceeded, the police will provide for the forced removal and then the consequences are really harsh.

Anyone who stops on the emergency lane for more than three hours, with a broken down vehicle, hindering the passage of the police forces risks a fine which goes from €430 to €2000 euros. It is especially new drivers who have to be careful to respect these rules, who risk three times as much.

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