Fiat, the new SUV is making a killing: better than supercars

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The new Fiat SUV is killing hearts, it is the most awaited model of 2023, a Stellantis car that makes its way among the many classic vehicles, ready to leave everyone speechless for its beauty and its great performance.

Fiat, the new SUV
Fiat, the new SUV –

It is a brand new compact crossover, the first 100% Fiat model after many years, given that the last car to saw the light was the electric 500, which dates back to 2020, before her the Tipo which takes us back to 2015.

In recent years there have only been updates to the 500, i.e. the 500x, the 500, the Panda and the electric 500. The SUV arrives after a long wait of at least two years during which various attempts and experiments were made to create an up-to-date SUV, ready to satisfy motorists from all over the world.

The characteristics of a 100% electric vehicle and more

The new Fiat SUV offers a 100% electric engine, with a 54 kWh battery, a 156 horsepower engine and 260 NM of torque. Obviously it will be possible to choose the alternative as well with the 1.2 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine, 100 horsepower, 200 mN of torque.

The dimensions should be very similar to the Avengers 4.08m or the Opel Mokka 4.15m. According to most, the SUV will be placed under the 500x 4.26 m, so it will absolutely not go beyond the 4.30 m of the Peugeot 2008 as many expected and had bet on the web.

What the new Fiat South will be called, hypotheses and clues

There are those who hypothesize that the name of the new SUV could recall the Panda and those who are sure that Fiat will give up on references to other cars of the past to give rise to a completely new, original name that brings novelty.

So among the names that pass on the net there is Uno cross, Uno or simply Fiat 600, even if the latter is quite unlikely. Spy photos have already come out, according to which the new Fiat’s SUV could look very similar to the opel Mokka.

If this should be the case, then we are talking about a compact SUV that does not go beyond 4.20 meters in height, linear and elegant. The presentation of the new Fiat SUV has not yet arrived officially because it will take place in April, at the latest it will arrive in August.

In any case, it seems clear that car lovers will only have to wait patiently for a few more months. The number of sales is expected to skyrocket as soon as the vehicle can be purchased.

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