€927 fine if you make this mistake on the street, you tried too: don’t risk it

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There are many people who commit various traffic offenses every day. They can be “light” or more important, depending on the seriousness of the move committed. The fines also vary according to the seriousness of the act carried out. If you don’t want to run into very heavy penalties, it is essential to learn to respect any aspect of the Highway Code. But why can you risk suffering a heavy fine in reference to a specific aspect? Here are all the details.

€927 fine
€927 fine – Motori.news

It often happens that you make several mistakes on the road. In fact, when you are behind the wheel of your car, you may be caught traveling with your smartphone in your hand or at a speed exceeding the permitted limits. Any violation of the Highway Code entails consequences for the user who commits the particular infraction.

Depending on the seriousness of the act committed, it will be necessary to reach out to the wallet and pay the amount administrative fine. Many people make mistakes due to distraction or lack of knowledge of the Highway Code. Others, on the other hand, try to deliberately circumvent the rules for their own personal gain.

The compliance with road laws – as well as in all areas of life – isinstead, basic. THE road signs, in addition, they indicate all the moves to do and not to do, as appropriate. The presence of the parking ban, for example, requires road users not to be able to park in that specific area.

The signs, therefore, prescribe and regulate the road rules that must be respected. They must never be touched, tampered with or stolen by people. What happens if you are caught in the act? Here is the heavy administrative fine to be paid and all the other risks you can run into.

If you commit this gesture, you risk a very heavy fine (and not only that). Here’s what you should avoid doing

Anyone at least once in their life will have come up with the idea of ​​taking a road sign home. Especially during the teenage years, in fact, this move could be seen as a joke or something goliardic, to do together with your friends. However, this gesture is absolutely not permitted by the Highway Code. You could face a fine of several hundred euros, but there is also the risk that the situation could be much worse. Let’s find out every detail.

Removal of road signs
Theft of a road sign: here are all the risks you run if you commit such an infringement – ​​Motori.News

The tearing down, tampering or theft of a street sign should NEVER be considered something ironic. In fact, this gesture can have very serious consequences from the point of view of road safety. In addition to breaking a law, in fact, you can run into much more serious problems in the event of a road accident due to tampering with a certain sign.

The removal of road signs can lead to a administrative fine between 927 euros and 1500 euros. This pecuniary penalty concerns only the inherent aspect of the fine. But there is much worse.

Anyone who tampers with or steals a road sign does not think about the possible serious consequences that such an act could have with reference to the safety of everyone on the street. In the event of a road accident caused by the absence of the road sign – previously removed – you risk tarnishing your criminal record.

In the event of a fatal accident, then, you can be charged with manslaughter for having stolen the cartel. The presence of the latter, in fact, could have saved one or more human lives in the accident. In the most serious case, therefore, relevant sentences from a criminal point of view are envisaged and the imprisonment of up to 6 years.

Traffic offense - Motori.News
Fine for traffic offense – Motori.News

We are sure that after delving into the subject, you will avoid doing this in the future. Theft or tampering with a street sign will never cross your mind again.

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