Queues at the tollbooth? They refund the toll money: the procedure is very simple

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Those who are in a hurry to get to work and who cannot afford the luxury of arriving late will certainly know the novelty of the reimbursement of queues at toll booths and delays caused by construction sites on Italian motorways.

Queues at the tollbooth?
Queues at the tollbooth? – Motors.news

Most of those who activate Telepass does it to save time and avoid waiting at the toll booth for minutes and minutes or even hours.

Unfortunately in some cases, even those who have active service, hyear problems like this and arrive late for work, which can also have serious consequences. But Autostrade per l’Italia has found the solution, the refund to which all motorists are entitled.

Refund queues at the toll booth, here’s how it works

As for 2022, the reimbursements of the Autostrade per l’Italia Cashback will also be active for 2023, which will be recognized to motorists who are late, due to the presence of construction sites that slow down traffic and therefore cause long queues to form at the toll booths.

I am entitled to it all drivers penalized by the works or construction sites carried out along the network of the Autostrade per l’Italia concessionaire. Those who have been late for work or in any case those who have had to wait for a long time at the toll booth, can present the refund application in two ways.


How to present the refund application for queues at the toll booth

The first method requires you to download the application to your smartphone Free To X, once downloaded it takes pictures the toll receipt, then indicate the iBAN of the current account for which the refund is requested and that’s it.

Those who instead have the Telepass must register with the application and do not have to initiate any request because they will receive the message with the Cashback due shortly thereafter, automatically.

The percentages of reimbursement are different and vary according to the minutes of delay and the length of the journey. So for queues from 15 to 30 minutes the Cashback is 5%, for journeys of more than 500 km it is 20%.

Reimbursement can only be requested if the minutes of delay are due to non-emergency construction sites, which slow down traffic and therefore classic construction sites for the restoration of safety possibly due to accidents.

The refund request is not valid even for delays due to heavy traffic, or to particular weather events. The request cannot be initiated even if the toll is paid on a lump sum basis.

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