€130 to be paid immediately if you don’t notice

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We all know it: to use any means of transport, you need to have a driving licence.

Driving licence, pay attention to this number
Driving licence, pay attention to this number – Motori.news

Who drives any vehicle without first obtaining the document runs the risk of having to pay hefty fines.

All this does not mean that once you have obtained your license, you just need to put it in your wallet and then take it out only in the case of checkpoints, you also need to keep it under control by paying particular attention to a date.

Here is the number that must never escape

You must never lose sight of the expiry date of your license because driving with an expired license is absolutely prohibited by law, consequently if the motorist a roadblock gets caught holding an expired licenseeven if for a few days or a few hours, risks incredible consequences.

To find out what the expiry date of the license is, you have to check the front of the document. The release date is indicated in point 4A, while the expiry date is indicated in point 4B.

In any case, it should be remembered that for all those up to 50 years of age, the renewal must be carried out every ten years, for those between 50 and 70 years of age, the renewal is every 5 years, while subjects between 70 and 80 years of age renewal must take place every three years.

Things change for those over 80 who have to undergo a medical examination every two years, the examination is needed to verify that the individual is fit and capable of driving safely.


The cost of renewing the license

The renewal has a variable cost, ranging from 100 to €130, medical expenses have a cost ranging from 60 to €90, expenses that have to do with the motorisation costs €6.80, then there is the revenue stamp which costs €16.

Obviously, if a file for the ACI delegation is required, additional costs must be paid, i.e. intermediation costs. To renew your driving licence, you can go either to the nearest ASL where you can also undergo a medical examination or to the ACI, alternatively, directly at the driving school closest to your home.

First of all, the family doctor must issue the certificate for any pathologies, then the eye examination is carried out, blood pressure and heart rate are checked, in the event of a positive result the certificate for obtaining the driving license is issued and that’s it.

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