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Leaving the motorbike or scooter on the asphalt or in the countryside can be a real problem, because the stand collapses, so the motorbike slips away and is damaged.

Motorcycles and scooters never again on the ground
Motorcycles and scooters never again on the ground – Motori.News

All this is also dangerous because it can fall just as someone happens to be passing by. With the arrival of the beautiful days, many choose to use the motorbike to move from one part of the city or the country to another, or to travel for work or for fun.

But there is always that something that causes disturbance, discomfort, small problems that can be easily solved.

For example, it may be useful to know that there are methods that help prevent the bike from rolling away due to the stand not being correctly positioned, or falling down on wet or too hot asphalt and crawling against the nearby wall. Some of these methods require a small expense, some don’t, they are really cheap.

How to prevent the bike from slipping on the asphalt

The first thing to do is to avoid parking it in some unreliable spots, choosing the best place cleverly. Then, you can buy something that goes applied under the kickstand to prevent falling.

Those who don’t want to spend money can find the remedy they will no longer be able to do without a can of orange soda or coca-cola.

Here’s how to use the can under the kickstand to stop it while parked

Before leaving the motorcycle on muddy ground in the open countryside, it is advisable to crush a can in such a way as to create a sort of rise to rest on the ground. Once the easel is done, it must be placed directly on top of the crushed tin and that’s it.

The motorbike will no longer fall and there will no longer be the risk of making it slip, ruining it or damaging other vehicles or even worse, people. The solution is often at hand and doesn’t always come at a cost. This is the most valid example of it.

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