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Suffering a traffic ticket is never pleasant for anyone. It is therefore necessary to always respect the rules in the Highway Code in reference to any aspect. In fact, the risk of being caught committing an offense at a police checkpoint is always just around the corner. Furthermore, in the last period, street checks have considerably increased compared to the past. What must you never do? Let’s find out all the details on a move not to be done absolutely.

Checkpoints –

The police have the obligation to carry out random checks on the roads of our country. Therefore, it is not uncommon to come across checkpoints. The agents, in fact, are required to assess that everything is in order at the time of the check. In addition to the driving license and vehicle registration document, there are many things that can be checked.

We refer to the psychophysical state of the driver and to various components of your car. First of all, we never miss an opportunity to reiterate how important it is to get behind the wheel in a state not impaired by alcohol or drugs. In fact, the agents can ask you to carry out tests which you certainly cannot refuse.

But that’s not all. Indeed, during a checkpoint, the agents will also be able to assess the possible presence of anomalies on your car. All replacements relating to the various parts of your car must be made in full compliance with the rules. Each component must be approved on the basis of what is written on the registration certificate of your car.

Let’s find out what you risk if one or more components of your car are not in order with what is transcribed on the vehicle registration document. The fine is really steep. Let’s find out all the details on this matter.

Heavy fine and withdrawal of the registration certificate: here’s what you risk if you commit this illegal move

The current legislation in Italy clearly limits the possibility of modifying the structural and aesthetic parts of your car. The tuning, therefore, is very limited compared to other countries, such as Spain or Germany, where this practice is much more liberalised. With the term “tuning” we refer to the possibility of changing some components of the car, based on one’s aesthetic taste and other factors more attributable to the performance of the vehicle.

Car tuning
Car tuning, here’s what you risk if you don’t respect the Highway Code – Motori.News

Anyone who decides to make changes to some parts of their car, therefore, will have to deal with the Highway Code. If you intend to replace a spotlight, wheel rims, tailpipe and much more, you will not be able to do this if these components are not homologated or compliant with what is written on the vehicle registration document.

It is absolutely not allowed in Italy to increase the power of the car and touch the main performance parameters of a single model. Even a set-up that is too low or the assembly of some particular lights, which are not compliant with the law, are aspects prohibited by the Highway Code. Compared to other countries in the world, therefore, the room for maneuver for tuning enthusiasts is very limited. This market, therefore, has taken much less foothold in Italy than in other areas.

But what do you risk if the agents encounter anomalies during a checkpoint? Anyone who makes changes that are not permitted by traffic law is at risk a fine of up to 422 euros. Moreover, in the most serious cases, the vehicle registration certificate may also be withdrawn.

Roadblock – Motori.News

It will only be permitted to fit components approved by the Motor Vehicle workshops. Any part different from the original, however, must absolutely not contribute to better performance of the car than what is written on the registration certificate.

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