€1731 instant fine if you have this in your car, you’re done: they’ll catch you now

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Driving your car in perfect condition is essential for safety and not to run into heavy fines: here’s what you risk

Fine if you have this car – Motori.News

The Traffic laws it is full of laws that also regulate the state in which the vehicle you use to get around must be. Whether it’s a two- or four-wheeled vehicle, you must be sure that it complies with all the regulations established to avoid that they could make you a hefty fine and, in the most serious cases, even subject it to seizure.

Let’s talk about the case of really trivial examplessuch as extinguished or broken lights, a chipped windshield which can become really dangerous over time, broken or completely missing side mirrors, damaged or badly fixed bumpers and so on.

But there are also somewhat more complex situations which, even these, are regulated in a very severe way by the Highway Code. These are cases that some create deliberately, but they don’t know that they can be subject to a really salty punishment by the police.

Never circulate with a punctured muffler: hefty fines if you do

The case in question that we want to examine in this article concerns road traffic with muffler modified or punctured. The muffler, in case you don’t know, is necessary in 4-stroke internal combustion engines for the management of the same number of phases concerning intake, compression, expansion and finally exhaust.

Approved car muffler
Approved car muffler – Motori.news

This last part in particular is the one to which the muffler is “dedicated”, which works both from and at the same time exhaust terminalboth from “silencer” to prevent the vehicle from becoming too noisy and creating acoustic environmental pollution.

It therefore goes without saying that if you end up modifying it by applying “holes” on its surface, the noise increases significantly: there are those who do it for sport, to get noticed, because they like to know that the roar of its engine can also be heard at kilometers away. Well, the problem comes when this noise also reaches the ears of the municipal.

So it happens that if you circulate with a punctured muffler, or that in any case is tampered with and in some cases even replaced, the police forces can fine you with a pecuniary fine which starts from 42 and can go up to 173 euros.

Penalty that worsens if you drive with a muffler that does not comply with what you should have according to your booklet and, moreover, without the adequate technical inspection. Watch out what we’re talking about here a good 430 euros for a maximum of 1731 euros with a lot of withdrawal of the book of circulation.

Exhaust terminal
Exhaust terminal – Motori.news

In short, the Highway Code, as mentioned, is full of more or less predictable rules but you just can’t help but underestimate them. To do road noise there are suitable places, such as racing tracks: for the rest, it is better to respect the law, otherwise the bill can be really “salty”.