Twingo, how much does the model used by Piqué cost now after Shakira’s song?

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The Twingo is one of the most famous cars in Italy and in the world, it has existed for more than 20 years, it is practically a historic car, which has become even more famous these days following the publication of Shakira’s new song dedicated to her ex-partner Piqué.

Twingo, model used by Piqué
Twingo, model used by Piqué

It is depopulating right now because the singer has declared that she is a Ferrari or a Rolex and that she has been replaced by a Casio, or from a Twingoor by the footballer’s new partner, Clara Chia.

In full response Piqué showed up to the Kings League, driving a Renault Twingo which thus became in a very few hours the symbol of quarrel, indeed of actual separation, of one of the longest-lived couples on TV.

Piqué vs Shakira, what’s happening in the world and what sparked their separation

The images of Piqué driving the Twingo made the rounds of social networks in just a few minutes, all we do is talk about this scene, firstly because it is not a car for football players who usually show up driving Super cars luxurious. Secondly because it is a clear reference, indeed an authentic response to the singer.

In Italy, however, the Renault Twingo has always enjoyed great success thanks to its size and performance. A small car, but at the same time practical and comfortable for everyone, for both men and women, both for those with families and for those traveling alone, but above all for those who find themselves at their first driving experience.

Here are the two versions sold in large numbers of the Renault Twingo

The new version, i.e. the 100% electric one, is highly successful, over the last few months Renault has achieved the registration of 2742 Twingo units, an excellent, almost unexpected result. perhaps never materialized for other automobiles.

As for the petrol Renault Twingo it has a 1.0 three-cylinder engine, 69 horsepower, currently costs 15,000. So much for the Equilibrium version.

While moving on to the electric version, this is aesthetically very similar to the Smart ForFour, with an 82 horsepower electric motor, 22 kWh battery, with a range of 189 km. The sale price of the vehicle for now is 22,950 euros.

Following the release of Shakira’s song, a major increase in sales of the vehicle is expected it promises a lot and can give much more than you think.

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