Amazon Reportedly ‘Probable’ Dropping ‘Grand Tour’ Star Jeremy Clarkson

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Jeremy Clarkson has worked with Amazon Prime’s streaming arm since he left the BBC and Upper Equipment in 2015. However, the relationship is unlikely to last until 2025, Variation report.

Quoting his own source, Variation claims that Amazon Prime Video is “likely” planning to stop working with Clarkson after pre-ordered episodes of two of its programs, Clarkson Ranch and Grand Tour, completed in 2024. Under the envisioned plan, Clarkson will complete his existing agreement with the company before both parties move on to finalizing the deal. That likely means a third season Clarkson Ranch and four more episodes Grand Tour.

The decision was a response to Clarkson’s decision much-derided column about Meghan Markle, who blamed her for the actions of her husband Prince Harry. Clarkson takes particular heat for reference to a scene game Of Thrones, recommend that Markle “was made to parade naked through the streets of every UK city while crowds chanted, ‘Shame on you!’ and threw lumps of dung at him.”

Clarkson apologized for the column a few days after it ranthen again on Instagram Monday. In a second apology, he also announced that he had apologized to Markle and Prince Harry in person.

“Normally, I read what I’ve written to others before filing, but I was home alone on that fateful day, and in a rush,” Clarkson wrote in his Instagram apology Monday. “So when I was done, I just hit send. Then, when the column showed up the next day, the landmine exploded.”

Although no change of plans has been officially announced, Amazon canceled an upcoming press conference to promote it Clarkson Ranch shortly after Variation report released Monday.

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