Accident due to lack of precedence, in addition to the fine you also risk the withdrawal of the license

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As is known, failure to comply with the priority signs constitutes a violation of the Highway Code. Let’s look at the possible fines.


When traveling by car, pay close attention to yield signs. Oversights and distractions can be decisive. An intersection is one of the most dangerous situations you encounter when driving a car. What happens if these basic traffic rules are not respected?

I’m foreseen sanctions in the following cases: failure to give way to the right, failure to observe the “stop” sign, the “give way” sign and the traffic light, failure to be careful at crossroads and failure to give way to rail vehicles and when leaving a private area.

Failure to observe precedence

There are several assumptions that drivers should always honor their duty to give priority to other vehicles approaching the intersection. There breach of these obligations constitutes an administrative offense and entails administrative fines.

motorists give way
Motorists –

But that is not all. If a driver fails to comply with his duty to yield and causes an accident, he will be detained civilly responsible for the other vehicles involved and the respective driver.

There are multiple gods particular cases which require compliance with this obligation. Above all, for those who drive vehicles there is an obligation to give priority:

– to the vehicles traveling on railswhen crossing tracks, unless otherwise indicated;
– to vehicles where they are present at intersections signs of giving way;
– to cyclists who ride on urban cycle pathseven from places without public transit;
– to cyclists who cross or enter cycle lanes even from places without public passage.

The sanctions provided

According to the highway code, the application of administrative pecuniary sanctions (fines) is envisaged for violations of the rules we have just described. In particular, the sanctions envisaged to date go from 167 to 665 euros.

stop sign
Stop sign –

And in case of recurrencei.e. if the same person commits the same offense at least twice in the space of 2 years, in addition to the fine, there is also the administrative sanction of suspension of the driving license from a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months. And the license will be revoked by the traffic police officer who mentioned it in the infringement report.

The police will release one temporary driving licence for a limited period of time necessary to drive the vehicle to the place of custody indicated by the party, as described in the same report.

Within the next five days, a copy of the driving license and the report of the report will be sent to the Prefect of the place where the infringement occurred, after which a suspension order will be issued and the duration will be fixed.

Only if the violation did not result in an injury may the offender be entitled for a specified period of time (not to exceed 3 hours per day) a temporary driving permit to go to work. But only in case of justified and documented reasons.

What happens in the event of an accident

Responsibility for road traffic translates intoobligation to compensate the driver for damage caused to people or things while driving, if this occurred through your negligence. This liability also means that the owner must always have adequate insurance to cover damage while the vehicle is in use.

Now, if a person who has not fulfilled his duty to give way and has caused a traffic accident, obviously this person will be recognized as guilty of the accident. Therefore, through your insurance company, other vehicles and their drivers must be compensated of any damages suffered.

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