Fiat Topolino, finally out: the model is beautiful

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Fiat Topolino, the new and beautiful model is coming out. Everybody likes it. Here comes the official confirmation from the CEO of the Italian brand.

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The new and highly anticipated Fiat Topolino model is finally out: to announce it is the CEO Olivier Francois, CEO of the Turin car manufacturer. The number of Fiat released an interview to the English magazine Auto Express during which he officially announced that the Fiat Topolino model is ready and will enrich the range of the famous Italian brand. In addition, the domestic automaker aims to enter the electric quadricycle market, as Opel and Citroen have done. It will be a small car, a light electric quadricycle which can be driven from the age of 14 with an AM license. Its shape recalls that of a cubotto: it is the CEO himself who recalls how difficult it was to make a small car starting from a cube.

Why dust off the Fiat Topolino?

The denomination Topolino is by no means accidental, but recalls the Fiat 500 Topolino, which was proposed as affordable and accessible car to a large share of the market. The project was developed under the banner of technical solutions and constructive simplicity aimed at reducing weight, components and costs. It will be an undemanding vehicle to buy and to maintain in terms of costs.

Fiat Topolino: the urban vocation

The small car will satisfy his needs for city mobility. As for the propeller it will be from 6 kW and a maximum speed equal to 45 kilometers per hour. It will take three hours to recharge the 5.5 kWh battery. Just use a 10A outlet.

The dimensions of the Fiat Topolino will be very small precisely because city ​​car: 2.40 meters long and one meter and 40 cm wide.

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Fiat Topolino: will the project go through?

The Topolino denomination has not been confirmed by the CEO of the tricolor brand himself. To launch this small car with an urban vocation, it would be necessary for sales to be sufficient to make this project sustainable. The Fiat Topolino should be produced in Stellantis plant in Kenitra (Morocco) and the launch of the car should take place by the end of the year 2023.

Fiat Topolino: how much should this city car cost?

The list price of this cubotto car should be approx 8000 euros and can be purchased as a traditional car or it could be rented.

New Fiat Topolino: will they like it?

Even if it hasn’t come out yet, the new Fiat Topolino everyone already likes it and promises to be one of the absolute protagonists of the automotive market for the current year 2023.

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