Bike, it is forbidden to ride it like this: the fine exceeds €700

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Did you know that even by bike you are at risk of a fine? Not only that, the fines are also steep: you risk up to 700 euros! Here’s in which cases.

700 euros if you drive it like this
700 euro fine if you drive it like this –

If you thought you were immune from fines by cycling, you were very wrong. Indeed even if you use means for which a license is not requiredor even if you go on foot, you could become a danger to yourself and to others.

For this reason, the police forces are also responsible for verifying that cyclists and pedestrians comply with the rules of the Highway Code, and if you’re wondering, yes, they can even issue fines in some cases.

In particular there is an attitude of cyclists which is really very dangerous, for this very reason you risk record fines.

Fine for cyclists, up to €700 if you do this: a lot of people do it

By now, between petrol prices, traffic, parking and even pollution from vehicles, getting around by bike is becoming an increasingly attractive choice. Savings are guaranteed, except for fines that reach hundreds of euros.

Some cyclists, especially now that electric bikes reach speeds almost similar to those of a car, they increasingly become walking hazards. Especially if they get distracted or aren’t fully aware of the problems around them.

Bike –

For example, it happens more and more often that cyclists listen to music using headphones. Modern headphones have the function of canceling external noise, so they are even more isolated from the outside world.

To the point that they wouldn’t even be able to hear a car honking its horn to warn them of imminent danger. For this reason such behavior is heavily sanctioned.

Headphones on the bike, the fine up to €710

In this period unfortunately on the internet and in the newspapers you read a lot of unpleasant news regarding bicycle and scooter accidents, which sometimes also involve pedestrians. Not infrequently there are serious injuries and deaths.

The use of headphones is a behavior that it can lead to accidents because it disables one of the fundamental driving senses.

Bike –

This behavior is governed by the Highway Code, in article 173, which prohibits the use of any sound device while driving, both by car and motorbike, and by bike. Only Law Enforcement can use them to communicate with each other.

In the event that an exponent of the police forces were to become aware of our behavior, the fine would start from a minimum of 660 euros up to a maximum of 710 euros. Crazy numbers, but reasonable given the danger of using headphones while driving.

So if you get behind the wheel of any vehicle you don’t have to wear headphones at allabove all in order not to endanger ourselves and others, but also in order not to incur really heavy fines.

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