Blue speed cameras, do you really know what they are for? Other than stellar fines

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Blue speed camera columns are increasingly common on our roads: are they real or simple bollards? Let’s find out what they are for

Blue speed camera
Blue speed camera – Motors.News

L’Speed ​​Cameras It’s every driver’s nightmare. All it takes is a distraction, a mistake, a speed slightly above the limit, not noticing the presence of the electronic eye and here, after a few weeks, a fine will arrive at home in his green envelope.

On our streets we can spot ddifferent types of speed cameras: there are the mobile ones, which are managed directly by a police patrol, and then the fixed ones, which are identified as “totems” of different colors according to their function.

In this case we focus on the so-called blue speed camera: those small columns of this color, which sometimes actually have the shape of a real box, which make many of us wonder if there really is something inside. Are they just bollards or do they actually detect speed? Let’s see together.

Blue speed camera: what it is for and how it detects speed

The speed camera in the shape of a column or a more squared box in blue color is generally found on the roadside both in urban and extra-urban routes. Its color confirms that we are dealing with a fixed speed camera: inside there is therefore a system active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which detects the speed of passing cars.

Blue speed camera post
Blue speed camera column –

This means if you see one you must immediately slow down within the signaled limit or at the most, do not go beyond the tolerance threshold of 5 kilometers per hour. Otherwise, you will be subject to a fine that will arrive directly to your home by registered mail.

The fine generally does not exceed tens of euros, but if you are far above the established threshold, you risk a “sting” capable of exceeding 3000 euros and above all that it could cost you the suspension of your license for up to 12 months.

Therefore, there is no need for the Police at his side, even if from time to time some “box” can actually be empty and require the presence of a patrol with lots of equipment placed inside.

In general, however, it is always better to slow down to avoid risks and dangers, also because we are talking about speed cameras that are placed in critical areasespecially on urban roads subject to the frequent passage of pedestrians or near inhabited areas.

Finally, pay attention to another thing: these blue speed cameras can be accompanied by a system that allows agents to verify that the car is in order as regards insurance and inspection. In addition, they can understand whether or not the vehicle has been impounded or, worse, stolen.

Blue speed camera on the highway
Blue speed camera on the highway –

Close to a speed camera, regardless of the color, it is therefore always better to slow down. You never know that a bit of haste won’t turn into a nasty surprise in your letterbox.

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