Never drive with the windshield in this state, you’re risking a lot

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Before driving, always make sure that the windshield is not in bad condition: that’s what you risk.

Dangerous chipped windshield
Chipped windshield –

Contingencies in the car are always around the corner, especially if they don’t depend on us. How many times have we suddenly found the chipped windshield without us being able to figure out why?

So here are the various hypotheses: perhaps debris raised by a truck on the highway, an object that unfortunately fell right on our windshield and so on. Difficult to find an explanationbut it’s important to act quickly, because a stone chip can easily become something serious that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

First of all for one aesthetic question: especially in extreme seasons, such as summer and winter, the use of air conditioning can worsen the condition of the glass. The contrast between too hot air and cold air, and vice versa, can further enlarge the chipping and what seemed to us to be a minor damage become something more substantial.

Then, perhaps more importantly, there is also one security issue: driving with a reduced windscreen in this state can be dangerous for us and for those around us. Furthermore, a detail that never hurts to remember, you also risk one hefty fine.

What do you risk driving with a chipped windshield?

If you have noticed that the glass has suffered a chip you must act with timeliness and do not underestimate anything. Driving with a windshield in those conditions, as we have seen, can be dangerous for a number of reasons.

Check for windshield chipping
Windshield chipping check –

The contrast between hot and cold air it can make the damage worse by making a simple chip something that can definitely be said to be broken. Imagine you are driving and suddenly find yourself with a glass that also inhibits your visibility: you understand the fact that it is dangerous by yourself, but above all it becomes a risk for others as well. You risk not seeing other passing cars or pedestrians on the side of the road.

In these cases it is therefore advisable to consult a specialist or buy one of the products that are also available in the supermarket or in specialized shops that allow you to easily repair the smallest chips. The choice depends on the level of damage: something very small can also be repaired independently, but for more serious things it is better to contact the experts.

Windshield repair shop
Windshield repair –

Do not underestimate this factor because it is very important. Let’s talk about the rest of one of the most common cases in Italy of accidental breakages to cars. In fact, it is estimated that every year approx 2 million vehicles they have to go through the sad procedure of a glass repair.

Ignore the matter can be dangerous for you and for others, as we have said, but also costing you dearly with hefty fines and the deduction of points from your driving licence. Not to mention that, during the review, they can deny you the authorization to drive in the event of unrepaired damage.

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