You should always have a rope in your windshield, you don’t know but it saves your life

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Strange as it may seem, having a rope in the trunk could be the salvation of a motorist who suddenly finds herself in extremely problematic conditions of discomfort.

Rope in windshield
Rope in the windshield –

The unexpected are the order of the day, the first thing to do especially if you love to travel, is to accept that suddenly, Without warning, anything can really happen.

For this you must always be ready to act but above all to react by keeping calm, without panicking. At first glance, one might think well of calling for help immediately, in reality you can also try to get out of any situation by yourself without spending who knows what amount.

Here’s what can happen at the gas station

For example, it can happen while traveling to realize that you are out of fuel, and therefore have to stop to refuel at a service station where suddenly the fuel flap does not open, playing tricks.

Despite many attempts the door appears to be blocked, impossible to open in any way. What to do if not contact a tow truck so as not to remain stranded in other dangerous points of the road?

However responsible behavior may be, we all know it, the expense in this case would be high, so before doing so, it is advisable to try to solve the problem coming out on their own simply by using a rope.

What not to do and how to solve the problem with a simple rope

What you absolutely must avoid doing is pulling the fuel door lever excessively because it will try after trying it could also break permanently and there’s trouble.

The cause of the malfunction could be a damaged spring, as well as a defective hinge, a fuse that does not contact or a damaged wire for whatever reason.

So here’s what to do, open the trunk and look for the rope, which is actually a cable that is usually already found in cars supplied by manufacturers, dedicated precisely to the emergency release of the tank. ,

Typically this rope is located under the trunk lining and is protected by a plug. Just pull that string there and suddenly the fuel filler door opens allowing you to refuel the car serenely and arrive at your destination without problems.

Afterwards it is obviously important to ask a professional for help to solve the problem that could derive from a defect both in the hinges and in any other component. It may also be time to replace the entire mechanism.

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