Petrol, if you go and get it here it costs you 2 sous: take advantage of it now

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The cost of petrol is skyrocketing, the expensive fuel has put all motorists in difficulty, in fact many have recently decided not to travel by private transport, to save money, preferring rather the use of public transport, while renouncing their independence .

Save on the cost of petrol
Save on the cost of petrol –

Yet there is little that can be done, because as we have seen both electricity and gas they have prices going up again.

The topic is very hot in Italy, we talk about expensive bills and inflation all the timeindeed, one does nothing but hear about these two problems. On the other hand, families in difficulty struggle to make ends meet, so they have their reasons.

The increase in fuel costs over the past few months

In particular during the third quarter, therefore in the period July, August and September, tariffs have been affected by an increase. The bills that we received at home were in fact expensive, figures with double or even triple zeros that confused anyone. Families found themselves with their backs to the wall, forced to make sacrifices.

In recent times there was a cut on excise duties of €0.30, this is because the state has tried to help its people. Unfortunately that was not enough, also because both petrol and diesel are now again close to €2 per litre. In reality, those who today give up traveling by car can not only opt for self-service but can also go in search of some particular petrol pumps that aim at savings, a point of reference for those in need.

What are the petrol stations where you can refuel while saving money

These are the white pumps, i.e. fuel distribution systems that have no logos and that therefore they do not belong to certain distribution brands. In these supplies, petrol as well as diesel cost much less than normal, the explanation obviously has nothing to do with the quality of the product which is poor compared to the others.

The quality is always the same, also because it must be respected for legal reasons, all petrol pumps, including these are subjected to strict periodic checks. Therefore, the cost is lower only because the white pumps are supplied where it is more convenient, not being belonging to major brands and not having signed any of the specific contracts. They are not very many but they exist, you just need to find out about their locations and which ones are closest to home.

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