Speed ​​cameras, with these devices goodbye fines: they save your wallet

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The speed camera is one of the most feared tools in the world by all motorists, anyone today is in a hurry to get home, work, school, consequently does not respect speed limits and road signs even at the cost of jeopardizing own life and that of others.

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Anti speed camera devices – Motori.news

No matter how smart or careful you may be, it can happen that you only see it pop up at the last second a speed camera ready to fine those who do not respect the signs and speed limits on extra-urban roads and motorways.

The consequences in both cases are very serious. There are those who drive at over 200 km per hour, which is risky even if they have large-engined cars that allow it, and others who exceed 130 or 110 with cars that don’t allow it at all. This is irresponsibility in any respect.

What is the method used by all motorists to avoid speed cameras

The method that many motorists adopt not to get fines is to brake suddenly at the sight of a speed camera. There is when you succeed and when you don’t. In both cases it is really dangerous for those behind who may not have time to brake properly, risking a chain accident.

Among other things, some speed cameras are placed in unpredictable positions, so even if they are reported because they must always be reported by law, they are difficult to notice. The fine that you risk receiving is around a thousand euros, sum which is also accompanied by the deduction of points on the license. The most serious risk is obviously that of causing accidents and nasty surprises not only for yourself but also for others.

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Technological devices that warn drivers of the presence of speed cameras on the road

In any case, there are some gadgets that can come in handy to avoid getting fined for speed cameras. These serve to know in advance the exact point where the electronic devices are located they report the speed to the authorities. Obviously the cheapest and safest recommended remedy is to slow down and always stay below the speed limits as a matter of common sense.

Then there are other tricks such as technological gadgets such as the coyote, compatible with all cars, which manages to warn the motorist via an acoustic signal of the presence of a speed camera on the road a few hundred meters away. Then there are also free Apps beyond the Google Maps or Wazewhich warn the driver of the presence of speed cameras in certain areas and help those who are not very careful and used to pressing their foot heavily on the pedal.