Car tyres, nobody ever changes these but you absolutely should

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Correct maintenance of car tires is essential to ensure safe driving and not have any problems behind the wheel. What happens if you overlook a detail? What are we referring to? Here’s everything you need to know about an aspect that shouldn’t be underestimated in reference to tyres! From now on you will always check it!

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Your car tyres must always be well controlled. In fact, they guarantee correct adherence to the asphalt and must never be worn out. Even the correct inflation must always be checked properly, especially before tackling a long journey. In fact, a flat tire will make you consume more petrol and can also have direct effects on road safety!

Tire pressure and wear, therefore, are aspects that must always be kept absolutely under control for your sake and the other ‘inhabitants’ of the street. Furthermore, it is good to know how each season must be ‘lived’ with the right tyres. In fact – if we take away all-season tyres, which are useful for anyone who travels a few kilometers a year without making long journeys – there are winter car tires and summer car tyres!

About that, we remind you that the winter tire change must be carried out no later than November 15th. These tires will have to be fitted until April 15 next year. From that date, then, it will again be mandatory to fit summer tires. As an alternative to this tire change, it will be essential to have snow chains in the boot. Our advice, however, is to always equip yourself with the right tires for each season!

But what detail of car tires does nobody ever check? What do you need to pay particular attention to? Here’s everything you need to know on this topic!

Car tires: here is the detail that should NEVER be underestimated!

If changing tires and the right pressure are aspects that motorists always keep in mind by now, the same cannot be said for other elements! Indeed, few people check or change – in case of slight wear – an element of high importance for your road safety. We are referring to nuts and bolts, elements that are used to lock the wheels!

Wheel bolt nut maintenance
The maintenance of wheel nuts and bolts is of primary importance: here’s what you need to know – Motori.News

In fact, as everyone knows, the wheel will be connected to your car by one of two systems – either with nuts or bolts. Most new cars use the nut locking system. These clamping systems – especially after so many years – they can come loose causing you to take a great risk every time you get behind the wheel!

How to tell if they show clear signs of wear? You can, in fact, notice some unusual noise or heavy shocks and vibrations on the steering wheel. If the latter element is more ‘hard’, then it is possible that there is some problem with these elements!

Maintenance of nuts and bolts must be carried out periodically, so you don’t have any problems. The risk, in fact, is that you lose a wheel along the way. Something to absolutely avoid, in order not to jeopardize your life and that of other motorists!

Nuts and bolts can loosen over time due to rust and corrosion. It therefore becomes advisable to always check that they have not worn out or that they have not become dangerously loose!

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