Tinted windows, immediately 338 euros fine if you have them like this: change yours immediately

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Many motorists in Italy have tinted windows, but they underestimate the fact that it can even be illegal in some specific cases.

Tinted windows
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It happens every day meet cars that have tinted windows, both the front and rear ones, in this case one wonders whether doing so is legal or not also because in fact the tinted windows give a completely different light to the car, which appears much more beautiful and elegant.

Blackout films are certainly convenient for motorists who want to enjoy greater privacy not only for passengers, but also because they improve the aesthetics of the car, sheltering it from the sun when there are very hot summer days.

Tinting the windows is convenient and beneficial, here’s how to do it and what to do

Those who have decided to darken the windows must always contact professionals in the sector because sticking the films on their own means running the risk of forming bubbles, which in the end turn out to be very annoying to the eye.

To carry out the work in a workmanlike manner and find out if it can be done in compliance with the rules, therefore, in order not to risk very high fines, it is better to contact those who work in this area who will certainly be properly informed and experienced.

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The European directives, what is forbidden to do, what are the limits imposed and foreseen for tinted windows

In Europe there are no rules that prohibit the tinting of car windows, but there are Community directives that set precise limits beyond which one cannot and must not go.

For instance the application of the adhesive films can be done on the rear windows but not on the front ones. The only windows that can be darkened are the rear ones and the rear window.

The front ones and the windscreen must remain completely clear, because visibility must be adequate both from outside and from inside the vehicle. If you apply the films to have tinted windows, you don’t have to update the registration certificate of the vehicle.

Anyone traveling on non-compliant vehicles risks getting an administrative fine ranging from €85 to €338. However, if the vehicles or trailers carry dangerous goods, la fine ranges from €169 to €679.

These are the innovations that not all motorists know about but which you must always be aware of to avoid much heavier and more onerous consequences. Who often drives a vehicle, whatever it is, you must always inform yourself properly so as not to make mistakes.