Trick of the spring, with 5 € you fill up with petrol: everyone does it

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With the high price of petrol, many try to implement more or less legal tricks to get more petrol: did you know the spring trick?

Spring make-up
Trick of the spring

Unfortunately 2023 didn’t give us any good news regarding i petrol and diesel prices. The excise duty discount envisaged for most of the months of 2022, when the energy crisis began, has not been extended and fuel prices have returned to the stars.

For now, nothing good can be seen on the horizon since the government has made it known not being able to find the resources to be able to guarantee a new cut in excise duties even if he has promised that, if the situation worsens, he will apply discounts again.

This is why motorists and gas stations are protesting. The first category of people however includes those who are trying to obtain petrol by fraudulent methods.

Given the period, the so-called is back in vogue spring makeup. We had already heard of it and now it is once again the protagonist of the actions put into practice by the crafty ones to obtain more fuel illegally. We explain how it works.

The Trick of the Spring: The Illegal Way to Get Free Gas

The trick of the spring works in a very simple way: the thief who gets guilty of this action just puts 5 euros at the self-service columninserts the pump in the filler of his car and…starts hopping on it.

Fuel station
Fuel station –

The goal is to do spilling more fuel than it shouldobtaining additional “drops” compared to the price he paid.

It is the return of a scam that has become infamous “thanks” to a person who, in Rimini, he even implemented it from 2009 to 2014. Over the course of five years, using this method, it is managed to steal more than 300 liters of petrol.

Consider that many times he didn’t even insert the 5 euros, but limited himself to waiting for another motorist to finish his refueling to take the dispenser and jump on the pump to be able to steal some residue from time to time.

As you imagine, it is a really slow method which requires the attacker a lot of time to be put into practice in a profitable way. However, it took 13 years of investigations to arrive at the conclusion that the man still managed to steal a lot of petrol.

Fuel spring trick
Fuel spring trick –

The person was forced to pay a heavy fine to compensate the owner of the distributor from which he has been “serving” for years, as well as answering for another series of crimes.

In short, there is only one correct and legal method of saving fuel: use good conscience. We take public transport if we can avoid using the car or, if we are really forced to drive, we maintain a regular and constant pace, without sudden accelerations and braking. Let’s leave the spring trick to others.