Seat belt, the secret function of the buckle – you won’t believe it

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Traveling with the seat belt fastened is required by law, anyone who doesn’t do so risks heavy fines, which can have rather serious consequences.

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Seat belt –

That’s why the advice is to always respect the rules of the highway code. Whether for short or long distances, when travelling, the seat belt must always be fastened correctly in both the front and rear seats.

As much as we use the accessories and components of the car every day, several times a day, not all of us have noticed that the seat belt has a second buckle.

The detail that not everyone noticed, that’s what it represents

In reality there are many things that motorists or passengers do not notice or on which they dwell little, because it is thought that some of these are purely aesthetic and have no additional functions.

In reality each of these has a very specific important function. For example, all seats are the same except that of the driver who has one particular thing. The rear and front passenger seats have a buckle that is placed on the seat belt, which looks like a rubber bandbut it is not and which is obviously not decorative.

It is an extra buckle that strengthens the seat belt, it is present on the seat of any car, whether on the common sedan or on a sports car or on luxury cars because it increases the safety of those traveling inside the vehicle.

Extra buckle, that’s what it’s for and why it’s fitted to the passengers seat belt

The extra buckle makes that the belt does not tear after a strong and violent impact thus making it safer and more resistant. All this with regard to passengers who, without it, would suffer serious or even lethal injuries.

Thanks to this buckle that not everyone has noticed, we have the opportunity to travel peacefully, feeling much safer. Thanks to a small detail, which you don’t even notice, the body following an impact also important, it moves a few inches and is not thrown out.

The same thing does not apply to the driver, because instead of the double seat belt there is a small plastic button, which represents the limit beyond which the seat belt cannot be stretched in the event of a collision and also in this case it obviously serves to protect the driver in any situation and condition.