Do you often charge your cell phone in the car? Here’s why it shouldn’t be done anymore: incredible

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We’ve all done it at least once in our lives, we’re talking about the certainly unhealthy habit of recharging your cell phone in the car.

Do you often charge your cell phone in the car?
Do you often charge your cell phone in the car? –

It happens because sometimes before leaving the house we forget to put it on charge at least half an hour beforehand, or because we decide to go out at the last minute so we don’t have enough time to recharge the battery.

It is somewhat the same when we have to go on a long journey and therefore to travel many kilometers without worries and without having the fear of running out of smartphone, we are content to recharge it via the USB cable even if it is not particularly discharged.

Seeing the battery charged to 100% reassures anyone else. But this result by recharging in the car will never be obtained, on any device.

That’s the mistake we all make

So as soon as we get into the car, the first thing we do is start the engine and the second is to plug the cell phone into the USB socket in the hope of being able to get to a good percentage. There is nothing more wrongbut few know this.

The performance can damage the smartphone battery and also be harmful to the car battery, it may seem strange but it is true, especially if we are talking about an iPhone.

Some Apple models tend tod absorb much more energy than necessary during the recharging phase. So not only like all smartphones, once attached to the car, it is difficult to recharge, but it also risks damaging the engine of the vehicle subjected to excessive effort which then does not give any results.

What happens when you recharge your cell phone in the car

In most cases, in fact, the recharge takes place very slowly or does not happen at all. We will certainly have noticed that sometimes putting the phone on charge at a percentage, when you go to detach it, you find it even at a lower percentage.

This means that the battery has undergone a shock which over time can have significant consequences, for example a battery that needs to be replaced. The same thing can happen to the battery of the car which may not even start after one bad performance, too many.

The advice is therefore the following, if you have a particularly low mobile phone, it is advisable to avoid sticking it to the car, unless you want to run the risk of damaging both. At most you can try to use a power bank, or the portable charger which for a fairly long period of time can give great satisfaction.