Paper ball of newspaper on the dashboard, because everyone is doing it: unbelievable

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There are so many hacks that can dramatically improve your in-car experience. Some moves may seem seemingly meaningless. In fact, they can actually improve the situation in certain cases. Why can normal newspaper paper guarantee the resolution of a pressing problem for so many motorists? Here’s everything you need to know and how to implement this method.

Newspaper paper ball on the dashboard
Paper ball from the newspaper on the dashboard – Engines.

We all often find ourselves having to deal with minor inconveniences inside our car. In some cases, they certainly do not compromise our safety and that of all the other people on the street. Other times, however, our carelessness can cause various problems.

As it often happens, some objects – apparently not suitable for certain purposes – they can be of great help to us in solving some problems in some situations. Therefore, it often happens that you notice strange objects or accessories inside the various cars on the road.

Particularly during the cold months of the year, we all suffer from an obvious problem upon getting into our car. we refer tofogging of the glasses. Driving with limited visibility can seriously affect road safety. At the wheel, in fact, it is advisable to always have maximum control of any situation.

There are several methods to be able to solve the problem. L’ignition of hot air facing the windscreen and the rear window, it is the best-known solution and adopted by everyone when needed. However, it can be avoided if you act in advance.

Indeed, there are some methods that allow you to reduce the formation of fogged windows as much as possible. Why can balls of newsprint be of great help to us? Here’s everything you need to know about this topic, you won’t believe your eyes.

The newspaper method for your car: here’s what it can do

If you don’t want to struggle with the windows fogging up every time you get into your car, know that there are several tricks to eliminate – or at least minimize – all of this. No “magic” or mystery. Simply, it is necessary to prevent everything, cleaning the windows of your car in the best possible way. Accurate and constant cleaning of these elements will greatly improve the situation. Our driving experience will benefit a lot. But why is normal newsprint useful? Here are the details.

Car glass cleaning
Car window cleaning: let’s find out why newspaper can be of great help

To always have ideal visibility while driving and to prevent the windows from fogging up constantly, it will be advisable to always have a well-cleaned windscreen and rear window. The maintenance of this aspect, therefore, is essential. Using a microfiber cloth, combined with a natural solution of water and white vinegar (or lemon juice), is one of the best known methods.

We recommend using – providing indicative data – approx 750 ml of not too hot water and 250 ml of white vinegar. This solution can be sprayed on the windshield and all the windows of your car during cleaning. To carry out this operation, a microfiber cloth can be used, but not only.

Indeed, It’s always a good idea to have some newspaper inside your car. Creating some balls with this cardit will be possible to make circular movements, in order to clean the glass in the best possible way. This element will not be aggressive to the glasses and will not damage or scratch them. For drying, it will be possible to use another sheet of newspaper.

Car newsprint
Newsprint – Motori.News

Just like the microfiber cloth, therefore, the balls of newsprint will be of great help for the preventive cleaning of car windows. Fogging will be avoided and you can get back to enjoying your car experience to the fullest. To be even more sure that you have solved the problem, we also recommend applying one to the glass anti fog spray. It can be purchased at any specialized shop.