Low battery, with the headlights trick you solve it in an instant: 20 seconds is enough

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Does your car not start due to a flat battery? With this trick you could solve in just 20 seconds: how it works

Low battery
Low Battery – Engines. News.it

The worst thing about getting in the car is turning the key and finding that the car “coughs” and can’t start. Yup, the battery is probably dead. When this happens, it would be natural to rail against everything and everyone, thinking of the more or less functional methods to be able to restart the car.

Although it is very difficult, especially when you are in a hurry, in these cases it is actually the best thing keep calm and understand if something can be done to give the battery the necessary starting point so as to go to the nearest auto electrician for a check.

You’ll soon find out if the battery needs changing, but we should understand the small warning signs it sends us. After all, a battery cannot die suddenly from one day to the next but provides us with indications when it is about to reach its exhaustion.

For make the battery last longer it is therefore good to use some reasonable precautions. First of all, avoid turning the car off and on all the time. Unless it’s a car equipped with a system “Start/Stop“, where everything is in any case managed electronically by the car, you have to remember that the current required to start the car is very expensive and it is clear that if you switch on and off constantly it certainly does not help the battery.

Car stopped due to flat battery
Car stopped due to flat battery – Motori.news

It is also important avoid turning on any devices connected to the car before starting it off. In the same way, it would be advisable to avoid keeping them on even after having parked: the most modern cars, however, are equipped with a system that allows them to deactivate the auxiliary energy to protect the battery.

The trick of the headlights to start the car with a dead battery

Let’s go instead and see what you might try for start the car after you’ve determined that the battery is probably dead. First of all make sure you don’t make too many attempts: if it didn’t go the first, second and third time, it is unlikely that you will be able to get it to start. On the contrary, you would only risk straining the starter motor further and “wasting” the remaining energy.

dead car battery
flat car battery – Motori.news

One logical attempt you can make is to turn the key until the ignition comes on and consequently activate the headlights and indicators for about 30 seconds. Once this is done, you can try to turn the key again and this time the car, if the battery is not flat, should start.

However, we advise you to equip yourself with one just in case emergency starter: these are small electronic systems which, connected to the battery terminals, allow you to give the cue needed to start the car. You can find them practically everywhere, at very affordable prices, even on Amazon.