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A driving license is essential for driving any vehicle, without which you cannot even drive a moped, because if you are caught without a license you run the risk of very serious and heavy consequences.

Digital license
Digital driving license – Motors.

Anyone who drives without a license, or with an expired license, risks not only a fine, mto also the seizure of the vehicle.

Carrying it with you at all times is the least you can do. The document must be presented from time to time at the request of the police, however it must be renewed following different deadlines which vary according to the age of the driver.

Points licence, the physical one will no longer be needed

The driving license system is constantly changing, just like the highway code. Since the points driving license arrived, there is a lot of confusion on the subjectand, because you really have no idea what you risk if you commit one offense rather than another.

Moreover, it is often forgotten at home, but from this year onwards the problem will no longer exist because the document will soon be available through the Io app.

Should there be a police check, rather than going in search of the physical document inside the wallet, simply take the smartphone, open the application, look for the driving license from there and show it directly via the QR code.

That’s when the digital novelty will arrive and what will change

The news arrived in the last few hours and was demonstrated with great satisfaction by the minister of technological innovation and the digital transition who spoke of the convenience of a modern digital service, ready to replace the now ancient and outdated physical service.

In this way it will no longer be necessary to carry a wallet full of mandatory documents with you, because the presentation of the driving licence, as soon as it will be for all the others, it can be done simply by means of a QR code.

From this moment on, the license can be recognized in all countries that are part of the European Union, through the application with which, as if that were not enough, it will be possible to consult all the data of the driver and therefore of the owner of the license, for example the points balance, the measures taken, or the expiry of the document in one touch.

The digital license will be issued using the tt2112 form, in the next period, for now it is not clear how much longer we will have to wait. This service will obviously be valid for any category, not just for motorists.