Trick of the jump, now you only need 10€ to fill up: many do it

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Many people make some attempts to save as much fuel as possible. The price increases of the last period, in fact, can affect the pockets of many people. There are several solutions to save petrol. Tricks can be legal or outright illegal. What do we know about the so-called “jump trick”? Is it legal? Here’s everything you need to know about this practice that has been making the rounds on the web lately.

Jump Trick
Jump Trick – Engines.

Since the end of February 2022, we have seen a continuous rise in petrol and diesel prices. The expensive fuel it was only mitigated by some measures implemented by the Italian government, such as the cut in excise duties and some bonuses. Since the beginning of 2023, however, the conditions for maintaining the discount on excise duties have no longer existed. The fuel has therefore returned to rise a little compared to the previous months.

Try to fill up at the most convenient petrol stations – avoiding the ‘served’ mode if possible – is, without a doubt, the solution we recommend the most. There are many app able to help you choose the cheapest petrol pump in your area.

To this solution, it is appropriate to combine one driving style conducive to lower fuel consumption. Therefore, avoid sudden braking and acceleration, maintaining a constant and regular pace. Furthermore, reducing the speed by a few km/h is another aspect that affects fuel savings.

These are the tips we can give you, in order to minimize the outlay of money for petrol. The increasingly emergency situation, however, has brought to light others tricks, some of them not exactly legal.

What is there to know about the “jump trick”? This method is making the rounds on the web and has been used by some people lately. But is it legal? Here are all the details about this new “practice”.

The jump trick: is it really possible to save petrol? Here’s what you need to know

According to what can be read on some online blogs, some people would have devised a method – absolutely illegal – to fill up their car by chasing only 10 euros. This method has been renamed “jump trick”. But is it really possible to implement this plan? Let’s find out all the details about this story.

Trick jump
The ‘jump trick’: Here’s everything you need to know about this illegal gas plan

Some people have described this method, arousing doubts and perplexities in many other users on the web. The practice was also actually implemented by some people, filmed by the video surveillance cameras of the vending machines. This trick involves the presence of two people. One of them performs the action of extracting the pump from the distributor, starting to refuel. The other, on the other hand, starts hopping vehemently on the pipe.

This attempted theft, according to what has been described, would allow the petrol to be released more forcefully. Putting only 10 euros, therefore, people would be able to refuel their car with much more fuel. But is it really so? Let’s find out if this illegal method could really bear fruit for the “crafty”.

Not considering for a moment the absolute illegality of the method, let’s analyze if it is really possible to steal fuel by hopping on the pipe. The answer is no. Indeed, all petrol pumps available at each distributor are equipped with protection sensors, able to dispense only the money actually entered into the machine.

Gasoline makeup
The jump trick – Motori.News

These protected dispensing systems prevent any theft attempt. Furthermore, the cameras present would film the thieves quite clearly. As always, illegality never pays. Therefore, adopt only the legal methods – described above – to consume less petrol and to refuel at the most convenient petrol stations.