Clogged wipers, with less than €1 you can solve the problem immediately: you just have to do this

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The correct functioning of the windshield wipers is really very important. The windows, in fact, must always be clean when you are driving your vehicle. Optimal visibility ensures maximum safety for everyone at all times. These elements are present on all cars and allow water and dirt to be removed from the windscreen and rear window. But what happens if the windshield wiper nozzles become clogged? Here is the solution to this problem.

Clogged windshield wipers
Clogged wipers – Engines.

THE wipers they are elements that any motorist activates when needed. In fact, while driving, it can happen that you come across rain or other unexpected atmospheric phenomena. Also, dirt or dust may accumulate on the glass. Being able to always have the best possible visibility at all times is essential. The correct functioning of these elements, therefore, is something essential.

the wipers, as obvious as it is, they can break or wear out over time and from the action. In fact, the rubber can make noise on the glass due to wear, leaving annoying spots or streaks. They can therefore compromise visibility. It therefore becomes appropriate to change the brushes, without ever underestimating this thing.

In addition to optimal operation of the windscreen wipers, it is always advisable to check the presence of washer fluid in the special tray inside the bonnet of the car. In fact, the user can spray this liquid on the glass in case of need, in order to facilitate cleaning of the windscreen with the wipers.

In a nutshell, the windows must always be clean, ensuring clear visibility for the driver of the vehicle. But what happens if the windshield wiper nozzles get clogged? Here’s how to fix the problem in a few simple steps. In some cases, you will avoid visiting your trusted mechanic.

Clogged wiper nozzles: here is the do-it-yourself method to solve the malfunction

When you need to spray water on the windows it is essential that everything is in order. In addition to the obvious presence of the liquid, therefore, it will be advisable that the windscreen wiper nozzles are never clogged. This, in fact, can lead to difficulties in the leakage of the liquid on the glasses. In the worst case, the water just won’t get to the windshield or rear window – depending on the needs – of your car. How to solve the problem?

Windshield wiper nozzles
Clogged wiper nozzles? Let’s see how to solve the problem in a practical and fast way – Motori.News

First, let’s start by saying how it is It is essential to top up using distilled water and a good quality detergent. This move will prevent the formation of limestone and the clogging of the nozzles. NEVER, therefore, use normal tap water. If, however, they should be blocked all the same, then it is advisable to know that there is a very good method to solve the malfunction. Let’s see which one.

If the water is present in the tank, but without being able to reach the glasses when needed, then it is possible that the nozzles are clogged. To remove the incrustations you can use a very simple needle. It is thin and will be able to fit inside the small water outlet holes.

In the event that the obstruction should be located right in the holes, you will see that with this simple method of using the pin you will have solved the problem. If, on the other hand, the malfunction persists, then it will be necessary to make another move.

Windscreen wipers
Windscreen wipers – Motors.News

You will have to open the engine compartment and understand if this element really comes out of the rubber hose that carries water to the windscreen wiper nozzles. At this point, try blowing compressed air inside the tube. The situation should clear up.

If even this do-it-yourself method does not give the desired results, then the only thing to do is to go to the workshop. The specialized mechanics will be able to solve the problem, thanks to special tools.