Autovelox, this device is shocking: a mountain of fines

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The speed camera is one of the devices most hated by motorists and motorcyclists all over the world, because it is present when no one expects it.

Speed ​​Cameras
Speed ​​Cameras – Motors.

You realize the signage too late and lo and behold triggered a dizzying fine that weighs heavily on the wallet.

Precisely for this reason, when you go around the road in any vehicle, you should always pay attention to prohibitions, road signs, in order to respect the highway code in all respects to risk nothing.

Potenza issues 700 fines a day, but motorists persist in not respecting the law

The speed camera in the municipality of Potenza issues 700 fines a dayreaching the record of penalties notified to motorists who behave in an inadequate manner, endangering their own life and that of others.

In many municipalities, speed cameras have become the best way to raise cash, so this is certainly nothing new. But in the case of Potenza the situation is serious because there are so many violations, for example, 20,000 reports were sent to motorists who violated the law in October.

Despite this, to date everyone continues to behave as they see fit without respecting the CDS. To mark the record is the speed camera that was installed on the 407 Basentana state road, Potenza where the speed limit of 70 km per hour is in force, but no one respects it despite the rain of fines notified in just a few days.


What happened when the speed camera was installed on Basentana

Obviously the installation of the speed camera we are talking about has raised a lot of controversy and criticism because in 30 days 22,000 sanctions have been notified, which have a considerable cost for the municipality.

Few know it, but the municipality spends 10 euros to send each fine, for a total amount of 3 million euros in the specific case of the city of Potenza. The fines notified are of an amount around €130 which not everyone pays.

For this reason, in this specific case it is not a method of making money but the only way to put a stop to the incorrect behavior of users.

Obviously every fine arrived at the home correspondent unleashed the anger of all motorists, but it all ended there because to date few respect the limits and many choose not to pay.

There are many who go in search of the best method to avoid getting caught again. In reality, the right method is to respect the limits, as a matter of responsibility, but also to avoid having to find yourself in the condition of spend a lot of money unnecessarily.